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The United States penal system detains and processes hundreds of thousands of it's own citizens in cages because of dope. Criminal lawyers, judges and entire police departments are funded through your extortion level fees and slave labor if caught. Until CorpGov decides to legalize and stop taking prisoners in a war against the population, risks will be involved.

Don't work with strangers, sell to friends and only buy from a dealer that is recommended. If you can't get a drug hook up it's probably not worth doing

The Burn[edit]

Practice Security Culture and don't get caught. Never buy from strangers, stick with your own circle, network, and shut up around non-sympathizers.

Arrests are not a real concern when buying, unless you happen to be the fall guy on a dealer. However, you can have your money stolen, be sold fake drugs, or be mugged for your cash, and there is no one you can exactly run to about it. This is known as "the burn."

Buy from a friend or a reputable dealer, and if be extra careful if you must deal with a stranger. Never front money for drugs. A burn artist's gimmick will always involve taking your cash, telling you to wait and ditching you. Of course, when done right it's never very obvious what they're doing.

The burn artist asks you to walk with them a few blocks and stops in front of an apartment building. They say the dope is upstairs and ask you to pay now, explaining that their partner has been uptight since they were raided and he won't let anybody in. Of course, they never had an apartment there, they actually just take your cash and disappear. This is the most common example of the burn, and can be done in many different locations and with any product.

Always carry correct change when buying, the dealer doesn't exactly carry a till with them. Buyers and dealers alike have been known to cut the corners off of bills and paste them to lower denominations, which is really hard to catch in a rushed deal.

Ask Questions[edit]

Ask questions if you are unsure about how much you're getting or how good it should be. There are enough regional differences that you won't sound stupid (even if you really don't know) as long as you act like you know what you're talking about. Also, marijuana dealers and users are notoriously easy-going and compassionate.

Fake Dope[edit]

As long as drugs are unregulated and illegal, there will be a risk of buying fake product. Oregano, parsley, yard grass, or catnip can look just like pot. Camel shit has been used for hash. Pills and acid are ridiculously easy to fake. Rip offs are even more common in the hard drug scene as many dealers are often addicted to their product. And all dealers are more likely to rip you off if they think they will never see you again.

When you're buying from strangers, make yourself sound like good business and ask for a sample. Check the weight with a small pocket scale. Be somewhere you can actually take a good look at the drug. The more experienced you become with drug culture, the harder it will be for someone to sell you fake product.

Never accept a dealer's sample separate from what you're buying. You should never buy acid from a stranger as it is too easy to fake and near impossible to test. You can buy an ecstasy testing kit from the green party for £21.45 ($40.00). The kit is legal, easy to use, discreet and has approx. 150 tests. -- LINK BROKEN


Prices for weed vary greatly based on the quality of the weed and where you are buying it. It is sold in dime bags, eighths (1/8 ounce), quarters, halves, and ounces. It is also sold in dollar-amount bags, depending on where you are. Example: instead of buying an eighth or a quarter, you might be a $20 bag, a $40 bag, etc. If in a strange place, stick with a dime bag or less. If you get screwed, you do not lose that much. Of course, if everything turns out great, you can always go back for more.

If you know what you are doing and find a good dealer, stick with him or her as long as you can. Most continue until they get tired of dealing. As with food, you usually save by buying larger amounts. If someone sells an eighth for one price, the cost of a quarter will be a bit better deal.

Strains of Weed[edit]

The strains of weed are so numerous and often regional that categorizing every one is almost as tedious as going over the hundreds of different wines. We will leave that for High Times editors at the Cannibus Cup in Amsterdam to review for 'weed snobs'. Forget about all the fancy names of some breeder's ego. All pot comes from three species: Cannibus Sativa - the classic christmas tree bush that grows up to 12 feet tall, Cannibus Indica - a short season plant with sticky buds that grows about 6 to 8 feet tall, and Cannibus Ruderalis - a short statured, wild growing hemp that auto flowers and has low THC. All of the 'brands' and nicknames are various genetic crosses of these three plants.

Schwag is the common name for run of the mill, lower quality weed. It tends to be much cheaper but takes a bit more to do the trick. Since the genetics of the weed are not as closely monitored, it can contain less THC and more of the cannabiniods that cause drowsiness. Improperly bred, harvested, cured, or stored weed can also have a less desirable taste regardless of strain.

True 'ditch weed' or 'lowrider' is actually Cannibus Ruderalis, a wild growing weed in many parts of the midwest left over from the eradication of the hemp industry. It looks like pot with a smaller stature, but has a very low THC content, although a few growers have lately been experimenting with breeding it with Cannibus Indica for the preferable flowering and size of Ruderalis and the stone of indica.

Some pot growers are very meticulous when it comes to the trade and pay close attention to genetics and THC content. As such, these can go for prices above shwag weed. The price is often justifiable. A great strained weed that is grown in a correct manner is superior to amateur efforts. Most good weed comes from varieties of the Cannibus Sativa and Cannibus Indica line of plants. Names like Northern Lights, Skunk, Afghan Hindu Kush, and others all have varying tastes and highs.

Medical Weed[edit]

Thanks to the decades long efforts of pot advocacy groups, a few more progressive states have allowed the purchase of medical pot from co-ops and dispensaries.

A common misconception is that you need a prescription from a doctor. That is not true. Because pot is still considered a schedule I drug under federal law, a doctor cannot legally write a prescription. Instead, in most of the medical pot states, they must write a recommendation. The myth comes from the fact that there was actually a movement decades back resulting in about a dozen folks actually getting prescriptions. Pre-rolled joints fresh from the CorpGov pot farm at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi are mailed to these folks. However, no more are being issued and only 6 or 7 are still alive.

Getting a doctor to write a recommendation differs from state to state. Some states like California is fairly liberal and has a wide variety of ailments that qualify, while other states have a limited list of only 5 really deadly things. To qualify, you are going to need medical records from a private physician detailing any real (or fake - stick to ailments that there is no test for like chronic pain or ADD, if the state allows that) ailment, usually for many months. You will then need to go to another doctor who only specializes in writing recommendations. You also may need to be a resident of that state with a valid picture ID. He will review the documents and, if everything is in order, write the recommendation.

With recommendation in hand, you can then get a state pot card and attempt to get memberships into dispensaries and co-ops. Just be warned that many limit membership and some charge pretty hefty fees.

Enjoy your medicine, but be careful if you travel out of that state. Vast tracts of Amerika are still under Pig Law as far as pot and probably will not respect the right to toke even with documentation.


Cocaine and crack can be tested by placing it in your mouth or on your tounge. If the whole area goes very noticably numb, you probably have the real deal. (although there are other fake things that can produce numbness.) It is possible to bring a black light when buying cocaine. Some impurities will glow fluorescent, giving you an idea about the purity. You may also boil out impurities, also known as freebasing or making crack cocaine!

Take a metal spoon and put a quarter gram or more in (remembering to add about twice the amount of baking soda). To recap 1/3 cocaine 2/3 baking soda. Add water till spoon is almost full. Light two lighters under the spoon and let boil. There is a visual difference between the oil and water, You can take a penny or nickel or anything metal and swish it around to collect all the oil as good cocaine has a lot.

Sniffing coke can perforate your nasal passages and sniffing too much can kill you if you have an unknown heart condition or are out of shape. Be careful about chasing it, because it makes you feel so good that you will want more, but you probably can’t afford to use as much as you’d like. You will feel like the smartest coolest person in the room, horniest too both male and female, you will feel so smart that you could fuck or steal anything, and you will try, but you aren't actually that smart, just high, once you come down you will be very disappointed what crap you stole, who you fucked, and the trouble you are in. In lab tests, rats will do anything for more cocaine, including submitting themselves to otherwise known causes of death. Also, expect post-nasal drip. Cocaine is the official drug of Wall Street brokers, now can you see what coke does.


Dealing is tax-free survival, but it is actual work. Start by saving up and buying a large quantity of a common drug. Sell small amounts to your friends at a nominal mark up, and be good business by meeting them on time and having a quality product.

The fewer strangers you deal with, the safer you are. The price of drugs varies between cities, connections, and quality, so if there is a bust expect to charge more and lose business. The price should always decrease depending on the amount you get. Screwing your customers will only lose you business and reputation, so be honest. Never deal from your pad and avoid keeping your stash there.

When dealing on the phone, be cool. Make references to theater tickets or subscriptions. Don't keep extensive notes on your activities and contacts. Use code names where you can.

Only you and the buyer should be in the immediate vicinity as the police work in pairs. Dealing is a paradox of unloading a good amount but not trying to move too fast, making new contacts but being careful of strangers, dealing high quality and low prices, and of being simultaneously bold and cautious.

If you get caught find a lawyer who specializes in dope busts. First offenders rarely end up serving time, but it sets a precedent if you get caught again. Know how punitive the courts are and which judges and prosecutors can be bought off. Avoid drug dealing the month before an election. For complete information on how to avoid getting busted and what to do if busted, read The Drug Bust (listed in appendix).

Giving It Away[edit]

For good standing, every dealer submits to some voluntary taxation. Giving up some of your stash at special events or to groups of interest can definitely raise your profile. Donate to pot advocacy and anti- drug war groups.Donate to bust trusts who bail heads unable to pay the ransom money the courts demand for their freedom.

A group in New York mailed 30,000 joints to people in the phone book on Valentine's Day. A group in Los Angeles placed over 2,000 joints in library books and then advised kids to smoke a book during National Library Week. Be cool about giving stuff away since that still counts as dealing in most states.

Drug Prices[edit]

If you're selling drugs, you have to be getting them at some cost, which can help you set a reasonable price. You are the supply, they are the demand. If the demand constantly overwhelms your supply, raise the price and the demand will taper. You want money, not an army of dope heads.

You've also probably done the drugs you're selling, and would know how much someone is expecting or willing to pay for a dose.