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Cannabis, as Wikipedia states, is "flowering plants that includes three different species, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis." It is primarily used for recreational use, medical use, and variations of the plant are often used in products. The scope of this page is not to give an all encompassing look at Cannabis, as most of that information can be found externally, but to dispel common myths, provide information on it's safety and the state of the current research in this regard, statistics, and best practices.

Finding Weed.

Nearly half of all Americans admit to trying marijuana at some point in their lives [1]. Marijuana is a very common drug and because of this finding and buying weed is quite easy and safe.

The first time you buy weed it'll likely be from a friend or someone you already know. Unfortunately, your friend can't be available at all times to get weed for you. The most reliable way to get weed is to meet a dealer and get their number. Finding a dealer isn't too hard, all you have to do is network. Meet as many people as you can, make friends with your co-workers, go to parties, etc etc. Eventually you'll meet someone who may ask if you want to buy any weed. Whether or not you buy any right then, you should ask for their number and let them know you'll contact them soon.

If you happen to work in the food service industry (a restaurant, fast food place, etc) it's pretty much guaranteed that one of your coworkers smokes weed or does other drugs[2]. As you work you may overhear stories or chat about smoking weed/doing other drugs among your co-workers. Make note of who is involved in the conversation; these are the people you'll want to ask.

After you've met a dealer or just buy from a friend you already knew, it's good to keep in mind some basic etiquette for texting your dealer. Avoid asking them specifically for weed, what their prices are, how good it is, etc as some dealers may be irritated by this and might cut you off; Just tell them you want to meet up or ask if they've "got any". If they ask you where you want to meet, find somewhere that's in between both of you so neither of you have to drive too far. Usually it's good practice to agree to go where they want to meet, as most dealers will like not having to drive too far (you're not their only customer) and they'll appreciate it. Having a good relationship with your dealer can get you the occasional extra bit of weed or cheaper prices down the line.

When first buying from a dealer you may want to bring a scale with you to weigh the weed and ensure you're getting the correct amount. Most dealers won't have an issue with this, but some may be offended and get agitated. If they have a problem with it explain that you've been ripped off in the past, you just want to be sure, and that it's nothing personal. Refuse to buy if they won't let you check the weight first. However, If you've been buying from the same person for awhile and you know they're good for it, you generally shouldn't be weighing it in front of them before the deal is complete. Do it when you get home and text them if there's any issues. A good dealer will trust his customers and correct it. Likewise, it's important that you trust your dealer to give you the right amount without feeling the need to check in front of them.

Depending on the amount you're buying, 100% exact amounts aren't always going to happen. If the scale is off by less than half a gram you probably shouldn't immediately text the dealer and demand answers. Just wait until the next time you buy from them and let them know the last bag was a little short. Also keep in mind that you shouldn't be making any demands such as telling them they have to deliver the missing amount to you, asking for your money back, demanding more in the next bag, etc etc. Just tell them what the problem is and see what they do. If they correct the issue then great, you've got yourself a decent drug dealer. If they brush it off or refuse to do anything then you'll have to decide if you want to find another dealer or not. It isn't worth your time to start problems over small amounts of weed or money. Cut your losses and move on to a better dealer.

Marijuana is sold by weight, usually in grams or ounces. Terminology for weights is as follows:

Half-eighth: 1.7 grams

eighth (of an ounce): 3.5 grams

quarter: 7 grams

half: 14 grams

ounce: 28 grams

pound: 453 grams

3.5 grams of high-quality marijuana

Buying Online

Believe it or not, you can also buy weed on the internet. This requires the use of the Deep Web, which can easily be accessed through the Tor browser ( Once the deep web is accessed, you can find online marketplaces where sellers can sell a variety of items, usually drugs. These items are bought using bitcoin, a virtual currency.

To obtain bitcoins:

  • Create a bitcoin wallet on a website like coinbase (
  • Connect your bank account, paypal, google wallet, etc to the bitcoin wallet
  • buy bitcoins!

Those bitcoins will then need to be transferred to the Tor website you're buying the weed from, then to the seller. Addresses to these online marketplaces will not be provided here; you'll have to do your own research for that. Take note that the deep web is also host to a variety of other illegal things such as child porn. Ensure your connection is anonymous by using proxies and public wifi. Do not visit a website on the deep web unless you're 100% sure of what it is. The federal government is quite aware of what Tor is and what goes on there, so use discretion.

Most reputable online marketplaces have a rating system that allows buyers to give sellers ratings on things such as product quality, shipping speed, and how well the product is hidden. Use this rating system to choose a seller. After you've bought your drugs, they'll be mailed to the address you provide. Avoid ordering from international sellers, as drugs are more difficult to get through international mail than domestic mail.


Cannabis is one of the safest recreational drugs you can do. The amount of cannabis you must consume to achieve a lethal or dangerous overdose is higher than the amount you can physically consume or metabolize. You cannot die from consuming cannabis alone, no matter the preparation or amount[1]. Although cannabis is relatively safe and you cannot experience a lethal overdose from cannabis alone, it comes with other risks.

Although there's a limited amount of research on this topic due to the legal status of cannabis, it has been suggested that frequent cannabis use can cause respiratory issues. These issues include worsening asthma symptoms (for those with asthma only), coughing, and shortness of breath[2]. As of 2015 there is no scientific consensus on whether or not cannabis use causes an increased risk of cancer[3]. Research suggests that driving under the influence of cannabis increases the chances of being involved in a fatal accident[4]. If used while pregnant, cannabis can cause serious injury to the unborn child and may result in serious birth defects.

Cannabis use can cause paranoid, anxious, and psychotic behavior and/or thoughts in those with mental illnesses. It increases the chances of a relapse of psychotic symptoms in those who suffer from schizophrenia and other related disorders. Marijuana can also cause an earlier than normal onset of mental disorders if you are at a higher risk of developing a mental disorder than the general population.[5].

Caution is advised when using any illicit drug. Using cannabis when you suffer from certain mental and personality disorders can worsen your symptoms and/or cause the development of more symptoms.

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Methods of Ingestion

Smoking The easiest and most common way to use cannabis is to smoke it. This involves placing the dried, ground up buds of a cannabis plant into a smoking device (such as a pipe or waterpipe) or rolling it into paper, like a cigarette (this is called a joint or a blunt). The cannabis is then burned and the resulting smoke inhaled into the lungs. A dry herb grinder can be used to break up the cannabis buds to make it easier to put into a pipe and smoke.

Pipes, rolling papers, and grinders can all be bought at smoke shops. Do not imply drug use when buying these products and always refer to bongs as waterpipes and bowls as pipes; you will be asked to leave otherwise and the employees will refuse to sell you anything.

Glass pipes filled with ground marijuana and topped with kief

Edibles Cannabis buds can be used to create cannabis butter. This butter can then be used like normal butter when garnishing or preparing food (muffins, cookies, brownies, cakes, etc), and will cause a high when eaten or used on other foods. The high from consuming edible cannabis is often more intense than smoking it.

Making cannabis butter:

Vaporizing You can also vaporize your weed. This calls for the use of an electronic device to heat up the THC trichomes on the marijuana buds without generating enough heat to combust the plant matter. The resulting vapor, consisting almost entirely of thc molecules, is then inhaled into the lungs. Smoking marijuana with a pipe and while using a lighter generates a large amount of heat which can destroy some of the THC molecules, resulting in wasted product. Vaporizing your weed is one of the most efficient ways to use it, as it does not generate enough heat to entirely destroy the THC like a lighter might. After vaporizing, the dry plant matter will still be intact and may still contain THC and is commonly then used to make edibles. Because of the efficiency of vaporizers, the high from using one is often more intense than smoking.

Oils and tinctures THC and other psychoactive substances can be removed from the dry plant matter using high-proof alcohol. This results in a tincture being produced which, when consumed orally, causes a very intense and long-lasting high. Creating your own tincture at home can sometimes be dangerous as it requires working with high-proof alcohols (which are very flammable) and heat. Properly creating the tincture is also somewhat difficult and may result in useless, weed-flavored alcohol that doesn't get you high.

Oils can also be created when THC and other active compounds are extracted using a solvent, most commonly butane, resulting in the production of a thick, resinous mass that can then be smoked. Hash oil is considered to be one of the most potent marijuana preparations available, with the potential to create oil that is composed of up to 95% pure THC. Making your own hash oil can be dangerous as it requires working with pressurized solvents that have the potential to explode or catch on fire.