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So, you have $12 in your pocket and your stash is depleted. Grabbing a six pack of cheap beer or finding a real pot dealer is not a possibility. You may be bored and absolutely convinced to get a high and no reason will stop you. What to do? Here is a list of stuff that may make life more interesting for better or worse. Some of these are easily obtained and others take a bit of set up.

Many of the things mentioned here are ways to get high that are not common knowledge or are not widely used for one reason or another. We will cover over-the-counter and purported "legal highs".

If you balk at putting stuff in your body that may mess up your ability to function, see Non Chemical Thrills for a breakdown on ways to get high that do not involve consuming substances.

Some of these ways to get high in Cheap Thrills are not widely used or often used for good reason. They may be plain
stupid, have very unpleasant effects, or have limited availability.  Do research. You are usually better off getting some 
shwag weed. Consider pros and cons.
WARNING: As with all all Free Dope articles, our standard warning. DO NOT USE ANY DRUGS IF YOU ARE ON THE STREETS OR IN A
VOLITILE OR UNSTABLE  SITUATION, EVEN ALCOHOL. While you may be tempted to relieve stress, forget troubles, or get out of your
skin for a bit, you need all of your survival skills. At best you can wake up with your stuff missing, at worst you wake up 
with some stranger raping you. Wait until you are safe and have your shit together. Freeing yourself and others from the system is
very hard when you are brain damaged or dead. 
CAUTION: With any drug, if you are unaware of the dosage to take, start small. Check Erowid (a wonderful web resource) and see what  
a "light"  or "moderate" dosage is, then aim for somewhere in between. In most cases, you can always get more goods, but replacement  
bodies are hard  to come by.
DANGEROUS ADDITIVES IN OTC and PRESCRIPTION MEDS: If you find an over the counter syrup, capsule, or pill which in addition to the  
desired drug includes Acetaminophen also known as Paracetamol, Tylenol, Panadol, or Acamol. DO NOT USE IT TO GET HIGH!!! 
The amount required to get high will sometimes have enough of these acetyl-para-aminophenol chemicals to poison your liver
potentially even in one large dose. Liver poisoning of this type can not usually be treated and the death takes several painful 
days or weeks. Paracetamol toxicity is, by far, the most common cause of acute liver failure in both the United States and the
United Kingdom. Fortunately many of these meds can, with some investigation, be found without the additives or in some cases
the additives can be removed.
ALWAYS READ LABELS! and read the effects of all chemicals.

Dextromethorphan (DM or DXM)[edit]

For those of you who are unaware, this is cough medicine. A lot of bored high school students with no access to good stuff used it to get high. Although it will give you a "high" of sorts, there is no guarantee that the trip will be a pleasant one. It's commonly accepted that one third of people like it, one third of people hate it, and the other one third don't feel strongly about it. One thing's for certain though: you will have a disorienting, strange, and probably memorable (for one reason or another) experience. Whether getting this is getting your stomach pumped at the hospital, falling dead asleep, or a mind numbing hallucinogenic trip depends.

Despite the negative rap given to it by the Amerikan Gestapo, this is a somewhat safe drug to use if you find cough medicine with just DXM and no other active ingredients. Avoid anything else, no compromises. Reason being is that most cough syrups also contain acetaminophen, which can be harmful or deadly in large doses. DXM gel caps work well, though cough syrup is faster and a more sedating or "classic" experience. Effects are mostly weight dependent with 2.5mg/kg to 7mg/kg being the usual recreational dose range and 9mg/kg to 15mg/kg being the "spiritual" dose range. Anything above 20mg/kg is considered dangerous. While DXM is perfectly legal in most places, many stores in the US require that you be 18 to purchase it. Also, look for dollar stores that carry it.

It also has some nasty side effects including: vomiting, diarrhea, rashes in some, and drowsiness on top of the hallucinations and drunk feeling folks desire. One of the more frightening experiences is that it intensifies the feeling of your heart beating quickly in some people. One user was afraid during the whole trip that she was going into cardiac arrest. Mixing DXM with other drugs is not advisable. Common mixtures, however, are DXM with diphenhydramine or weed (not both, however). Also, if you use it on a daily basis, there is a good chance you could become delusional until it's out of your body.

For more info:

Benadryl and Dramamine(aka Diphenhydramine and Diphemenhydrinate)[edit]

Two kinds here.

Benadryl or Diphenhydramine (DPH) is an over-the-counter antihistamine used for the treatment of allergies and sometimes as a sleep aid. Taken in "recreational" doses, DPH is a powerful deliriant. At any dose DPH users can experience fatigue, dryness, loss of memory, and in most cases, dysphoria. The experience is often considered confusing and uncomfortable. However some people find this kind of altered state to be pleasant.

Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate, or DMH) contains Diphenhydramine and a light stimulant. DMH contains roughly 60% DPH and 40% 8-chlorotheophylline. For this reason it is obviously 60% as potent as average DPH. Unisom (doxylamine) is another related antihistamine which is similar to DPH, but even in large doses merely produces extreme sedation and mild delirium. DPH is a vasoconstrictor.

Dramamine(Dimenhydrinate), along with plant datura have the reputation of being one of the worst feeling drugs known to man. Imagine all the effects of being on some great quality Ecstasy along with being very clear-headed and fluent in speech. Now take the polar opposite of everything that represents, add translucent insects (common hallucinations include spiders and tacos) all over the place and you've got a full-blown DPH trip. Alternatively, imagine visiting Silent Hill while drunk and you'll have a pretty decent idea of the entire trip. It is not a good-feeling experience at all. If you're looking to have a good time, avoid Diphenhydramine at all costs, unless you are taking a small amount to help sleep/relax a tad, or if you plan on combining it with DXM. The main point any person would take this drug for would be incredibly realistic hallucinations seen under the effects of it.

Both, you will be messed up for hours with the right dose and worthless the next day, if you don't freak out and end up in the hospital or take something with acetaminophen.

DPH is not like other drugs in sense of dosage, a light dose does not equal a light trip. Doses under 300mg induce more of a restless feeling body high and muscle relaxation. Doses typically 600mg+ are what make the user enter delirium and see spiders and floating TVs. Oddly enough, anything in between these two extremes is often a disappointing and uncomfortable experience, characterized with twitching and only very minor hallucinations, mostly in the peripheral vision, nothing compared to a full trip. Many heavy users in the 200lb+ range report not tripping off a good 700mg and may have to bump up to as much 1500mg. Everyone reacts differently. Find a safe working dose for yourself. Information from many reports suggest that the average best dosage for diphenhydramine is around 150mg. After that, any feeling of euphoria is likely to go away and if you take enough to trip you are likely to feel either frightened or emotionally empty.

More info:

"Herbal Incense"/ Potpourri[edit]

"Herbal incense" and "potpourri" are herbal blends sprayed with research chemicals sold in some head shops and quickie marts. These new chemicals do everything from give a more intense buzz with anxiety, absolutely nothing, to side effects like headaches and nastier. There is no telling what's in this stuff nowadays. It is also possible to overdose on some of these chemicals.

It usually comes in a small 1 to 2 gram packet sold locked up in glass behind the counter at some head shops and ethnic quickie marts. The package has labels stating that the product "is not for human consumption", but this is a ruse. The contents are sometimes from the JWH series of chemicals. The JWH series are synthetic THC, the same goodness that is in our old friend, marijuana! Brand names include K2 and Spice were the more popular of the brands and there were dozens of other brand names. A lot of folk use this as a sort of legal pot substitute that would not show up on most drug tests, did not require the inconvenience of finding a dealer, and is somewhat less likely to on the radar of pigs.

The original research chemical that made these popular, JWH-018, was made illegal. It was put on an emergency schedule by the DEA a few years back. However, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of related synthetic cannibinoids, such as JWH-081, JWH-019, JWH-200, and JWH-250. Every time one mixture catches heat, the spice manufacturers change the mixture to another chemical, sometimes changing brand names and packaging as well. Of course, exactly which chemical being used is not on the label, leaving folks to gamble.

You can also make your own spice for much cheaper than commercial products or ganja. Simply find an online vendor (good luck... most of the manufacturers are in China and there are a lot of rip off sites set up) that will sell you the pure chemical, dissolve said pure chemical in alcohol or acetone, and then spray it on tobacco, mullein, or really anything you can smoke. Wait for the solvent to COMPLETELY evaporate before smoking, otherwise you light your face on fire and/or give yourself cancer. JWH compounds vary a lot in potency, so look it up! NEVER consume the pure chemical - this is begging for an overdose. With JWH-018, we would spray one gram of JWH onto 100 grams of herb, test it, and adjust the potency accordingly.

Of course, we here at STW recommend you leave these things alone and smoke the real thing. It is better for you and proven safer.

Morning Glory Seeds[edit]

These seeds contain LSA, LSD's little cousin. Although it's a bit easier just to eat them straight, the LSA can be extracted by leaving the ground seeds in cold water. Make sure that you buy "Heavenly Blues","Flying Saucers" or another psychoactive variety, and also make sure you're not eating ones treated with poison! Note that many commercial packets of Morning Glory seeds are DELIBERATELY treated with poison. When hippies started taking Morning Glory seeds to get high, the government encouraged seed producers to take a biologically harmless drug and add poison to make it harmful. These treated seeds will make you very sick. Usually these seeds have a red powder on them, washing in water will remove some of this poison. Even those seeds that are not so treated can contain mercury compounds added to enhance shelf life, these are also toxic. Buy from a company that sells organic, untreated seeds.

About 200-300 seeds will give you a LSD-like high. Be sure to wash them and grind them up, you'll be sick as hell if you don't (and you may well be sick even if you do.) Extracting the LSA will prevent the nausea, but will also take a fair bit of time and some knowledge of chemistry. Keep in mind that in Amerika, it's illegal to extract LSA (or ergine as it's sometimes called) under the Federal Analogues Act -- so watch out for pigs if you do.

Morning glory also grows wild. It is considered a pest plant by farmers and often grows near cotton and corn fields in the southern states. Just watch for pesticides.

Cold Water Extraction[edit]

Ingredients needed:

  • 10 grams of morning glory seeds
  • 400 mL of water
  • Coffee bean grinder
  • Coffee filters
  • Two containers
  • Funnel
  1. Take the morning glory seeds and thoroughly wash them in cold water.
  2. Finely grind them in the coffee grinder until they have the consistency of powder.
  3. Put the powder and water into a container that can be sealed.
  4. Agitate (shake) the seeds for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour the mixture into the second container, using a funnel and a coffee filter.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 at least two more times. Ideally, you'll want to filter the mixture 5 times for the best results.

Remember to keep LSA out of the light and keep the water cold, for heat and water both destroy LSA.

This mixture is good for one person. Within 15 - 30 minutes of drinking this, nausea and stomach cramps may occur. Ignore this and ride it out; it'll only get better from here. Within one hour you will start to feel the effects of the LSA, such as euphoria and giddiness. You'll notice that your pupils will dilate and that your eyes may become reddened. The trip peaks at 2 hours. The trip itself will last for 8 hours.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds[edit]

These seeds, like Morning glories, contain LSA (also known as ergine). Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds or HBR seeds give you a mild high. There are no open eye hallucinations, but you can experience mild closed eyed patterns depending on the dose you take. The seeds can cause nausea and vomit depending on the dosage. The seeds do have a very active psychological affect on the user much like LSD's. Like all drugs do not ingest HBR seeds under a time of stress or when you have something to do the next day. The high will last between 4 and 8 hours depending on the dose. These seeds are about 25 times more powerful than morning glories (per seed.)

Remember: one HBW seed contains about 0.25 mg of LSA.


If you ever run into some Wild Lettuce (Lactuca Virosa), you can extract a substance called "Lactucarium" (Also known as Lettuce Opium), from it, or purchase this online. It's effects are compared to that of Opium, but it doesn't last long and isn't addictive. It is more sedative than euphoric. It is, however, dangerous and at least one fatality has been linked to it, so it isn't suggested you smoke large amounts.


Yes, the nutmeg in the kitchen cabinet can get you high. However, most users will feel like total crap with headaches, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and diarrhea. Nutmeg is also a known MAO inhibitor and can have really bad side effects if you are on some psych medications. Typical dose is about 2 to 3 teaspoons. The "trip" consists of a vaguely marijuana like high with maybe a few visuals and a splitting headache. It stays in your system for quite some time and it's effects last around 24 hours with after effects up to 2 days. It can also take anywhere from 3 to 7 hours to even start hitting you. In vast quantities you can overdose and there have been at least two fatalities linked to it. Probably best to leave this particular cheap thrill to the low quantity cooking flavoring it is meant to be.


No, don't laugh. Did you know you can buy pure caffeine? Yes, some health stores and eBay sellers will sell caffeine powder. About 100g can be found for $10-$20. Some science/chemical supply stores online will sell high purity caffeine "not for human consumption" at about $20 per POUND While the high isn't extraordinary, it's an energy boost. Be forewarned, more than 2 grams in your system and you could be looking at a hospital trip or heart attack. The average lethal dose for an adult human is 10 grams, your chances of heatstroke and similar go up exponentially past 1 gram. Don't try this if you have heart murmur or other heart problems. The median lethal dose (LD50) of caffeine is 192 milligrams per kilogram of body weight in rats.

In both Kanada and Amerika, caffeine can be bought in pill form such as NoDoz, Stacker 2, etc. over the counter at many pharmacies. In some cases, stores will require you to be 18 to purchase.

Caffeine can even be freebased and smoked.

Expect a harsher rush than regular speed - much harsher than coke. Many people get stomachache or cramping. Have a chew toy to relax your jaw in case you get the shudders. Finally, have a friend who can give you a massage after you are done. Your back will be all tight. If using this to help you run or bike somewhere more quickly remember hydration. Caffeine is a known diuretic. Do not attempt this at all unless you are in good cardiac shape with no congenital defects in your heart.

Ephedrine and Psuedoephedrine[edit]

Ephedrine products are sold behind the counter at many truck stops and convenience stores. Brand names include Mini-Thins, Ephedra, and many others. Ephedrine based products are meant to be broncho dialaters for those suffering from asthma. Many folks that buy these, however, use them as a sort of legal poor man's speed. Indeed, these are much stronger and immediate than caffeine. Expect to be carded in many places with the stuff locked up behind counters. Bad press came about many years back because of a few stupid preteens getting a hold of them and popping them like candy and ending up in the emergency room. But, taken moderately, they have been used by wage slaves to stay awake due to working doubles or after foolishly partying the night before without sleeping and needing to work in the morning. Along with violently jolting the imbiber awake, it has a very noticeable, sharp energy boost lasting about 3 to 4 hours per dose. Side effects can include shakes, a “hair standing on end" type feeling, difficulty urinating, thirst and dry mouth, and increased heart rate. You definitely do not want to take too many of these if you have any heart problems. You CAN overdose on this. Use these in moderation. Do not take this too much or it can ruin sleep patterns and leave you a wreck on top of just being plain bad for your heart. Be warned that when this wears off and you have had no sleep, you crash hard.


If you want to stay away from harder to obtain substances, don't forget about the solution that has been around since the dawn of civilization. Done correctly, moonshine is safe, cheap, and will taste good. All you need is to find some starchy or sugary substance add some water and yeast and let it sit at room temperature until it stops fermenting, remembering that you must plan a way to valve off the CO2 to prevent pressure explosions. Shine is just the distilled and concentrated alcohol produced form fermentation. See Strange Brewing for more detail.

Psilicibin Cubensis/ “Shrooms"[edit]

These grow wild in the southern United States and in many tropical and high humidity climates. They usually poke up out of cow pastures from late May to early August. About two to four days after a good summer rain is the best time to find these in the wild. This is the real deal and can lead users off on shamanistic visions and vivid hallucinations. They taste shit - in fact often they are found growing out of cow droppings. If you eat them straight, definitely have some large quantities of juice or soda around to chase it. There have been some ways of making a tea with it or Kool-aid drink, but you need a lot more shrooms and it weakens the product.

As mentioned in Free Dope, it is possible - though complex and requires much study - to grow your own. Seed companies sell the spores, but that industry is plagued with secret cop set ups and rip off artists.

The psilicibin mushroom is identified by a dark collar around the stalk and the inside of the stem turns blue where it was cut when exposed to air.

As with any mushroom, if you are not sure it is safe, do NOT eat it. There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms which are deadly poisonous - some with vague differences from actual safe kinds.

Fly Agaric Mushrooms (Amanita Muscaria)[edit]

These bad boys contain the mind-altering chemical muscinol. These provide can provide a high similar (but not the same) as shrooms (Psilocybin mushrooms), although many folks report awful trips that are a living hell. You can buy them from eBay for about $20/oz (usually 3-6 good doses in an oz)

In some people, these mushrooms cause extreme nausea, so be prepared. Milk thistle can help to counter some of the side effects, especially if you're worried about liver damage (Amanita Muscaria has been known to cause some liver damage, especially in high doses.)

Amanita mushrooms, resin, and extract on Damiana leaf (which can all be purchased online)can be smoked for an earthy-feeling high similar to cannabis.

Although they have not been responsible for any deaths yet, they are poisonous when taken in sufficient quantities. A typical starter dose is only a couple grams, so don't overdo it! Also, the only psychoactive strains are Amanita Muscaria and pantherina -- the rest of the mushrooms in the Amanita family are highly toxic and WILL kill you. As always with mushrooms, if you're not sure if it's safe, don't take it.


Real opium poppies if you can get the seed or find them growing are like happy beautiful red weeds which grow in spring. Score the bulb that is below the flower body before they bloom and collect the resin, this is opium and can be rolled with tobacco and smoked. Poppy seeds are usually cooked killing them but try seeding a few packets of different brands in your backyard and see what turns up. Note that pigs think of Opium poppies as being red, there are many other colors that also contain lots of opium. Think stealth gardening. Note also that opium can be very addictive, if you make a big harvest and keep it all for yourself you will probably end up out on the streets sucking cocks and stealing stereos in a few weeks to buy your next heroin fix when you run out of opium. Another problem is that slashed pods equal intent to manufacture heroin in many pig's eyes, a BIG bust.


Some cacti (Peruvian Torch and San Pedro) contain fairly high amounts of mescaline, the same stuff in the famous peyote. Unlike peyote (which can be hard to acquire and only grow wild in very limited areas), these particular cacti grow wild in accessible areas in southwestern desert areas like Arizona and New Mexico. It takes about a foot of fresh cactus or an oz. of dried cactus to start flying on air mescaline. Dried cactus runs about $20/oz or about $15 for a 12" fresh piece. Or of course, you can run into the desert and grab a piece if you live near any desert areas.

You can grow your own, but the San Pedro and Peruvian Torch can take years to get to a decent size.


While not a great buzz, tobacco is available in every store, with several hundred percent tax markup. Nicotine is a known antidepressant and appetite suppressant at the cost of being very addictive and fortified with chemicals. But, no need to go to a store for packs! You can enjoy years of tobacco slavery, respiratory failure, bad body odor, stained teeth and a number of cancers in a DIY fashion.

If you are broke and smoke tobacco, quit. It is one of the easiest ways to rise from poverty. Cigarettes can run from 3 USD to above 10 USD a pack depending on area, so in the long run it is not really a "cheap thrill". There are ways to get it free or cheaply if you are going nuts from withdrawal.

One possibility is growing your own like the potheads. While it is legal to grow, the BATF - a national police agency who enforce the federal sales tax on rocket launchers, machine guns, liquor, ammo and cigarettes, will hunt you down for trying to sell the stuff. The tobacco plant also requires a lot of farming skill and most commercial blends take up to a year of curing to be pleasurable to smoke. So, growing your own is not a possibility for most of us.

A lot of folks down on their luck or just frugal smoke cigarillos instead of regular cigarette packs. They are substantially cheaper and do not have the insane tax markup because they are considered "cigars". Sometimes to make them cheaper, the blend is not even 100 percent tobacco to water them down.

Rolling tobacco, or "rollies" come in little packs with cheap cigarette papers. It is smoked mostly by those in jail or those down on their luck. The small packs in the quickie marts contain about as much tobacco as two packs of cigarettes for half the price. However, it is pretty nasty and comes with very flimsy rolling papers. Regular users have to watch for burn marks and ugly, hard to remove stains on their fingers.

Real pipe tobacco is cheaper than cigarettes and fortified with less additives because Corpgov only likes to tax and poison the poor - not the CEO's Dominicans or pipes. Pipe tobacco can go for as little as 2 USD an ounce, enough for a chain smoker to smoke on for a week! Problem is, the upfront cost of the pipe (which ranges from 10 USD to 100 USD) and that it does not burn like cigarettes and most blends are very harsh on lungs. Never smoke weed from a tobacco pipe or tobacco from a weed pipe. Not only does it leave you open for paraphernalia charges, it ruins the taste of the herb or tobacco! Not to mention, if you share herb, many non-tobacco smokers will detest the taste of a cigar when toking a bud with you. Also, pot pipes need screens and burn at a higher temperature, while tobacco pipes do not.

Nicotine vaporizers are the cheapest and most healthy in the long run. It does not contain the tar and chemicals of tobacco. You can also get the cartridges in every flavor imaginable. Avoid the cheap e-cigarettes in the convenience store and get a good vape, though. The convenience store ones are over priced and under deliver on nicotine mist. The upfront cost of a good vape from the head shop can be 20 USD to 100 USD, but the refills can be for less than a carton for a month's worth of smoke.

If you're really desperate, do as the homeless - go "sniping". "Sniping" is a homeless term for collecting butts. They will always taste awful but can be found in high traffic areas, especially between cars and non-smoking buildings, right outside businesses, and in smoking designated areas. Sometimes you get a used cigarette that has only been half smoked or the prize of a cigarette that only had one drag taken off it. Even cigarettes that have been smoked to the end still have tobacco left in the filter, which is good if still dry.Rain really messes up this hustle. Break open the tobacco and discard the filters. Roll the tobacco in cigarette papers or use a real or makeshift pipe. If you own a tobacco pipe - even a cheap Dr. Grabow from a drug store, you could technically smoke used tobacco in a (relatively) sanitary manner while broke for free.

Nitrous Oxide[edit]

Available as whippet cartridges which resemble short BB gun CO2 cartridges these can be popped inside a balloon or plastic sack with a sharpened tool or cartridge popper sold in some head shoppes, many places have caught on and will card whippet buyers. Do not try to pop a whippet directly into your mouth, you will get frostbite on your mouth and tongue. Some car racing stores can sell you a a tank of nitrous - don't ever use these, auto grade can potentially be toxic since most are now spiked with a sulfur gas. Medical grade and food grade nitrous is safe if you follow precautions.

NEVER use a mask, you want to drop your delivery device if you pass out. Don't jet the gas directly into your nose or mouth as sometimes it comes out as a cold mist and could freeze part of your face or tongue. Fill a trash sack if using a big tank, tape a straw or hose to the end and share like a hookah, this will give the gas a chance to warm up.

If you work in a grocery store sneak into the dairy cooler and grab a whipping creme can, discharged upright into your mouth without shaking gives a nice three minute buzz, exhale as far as you can before inhaling the gas.


Ether now sold in spray cans as starting fluid for cars used to be the surgical anesthetic of choice. Spray some into a large #10 coffee can stick your face in and breathe, you will start to trip in about thirty seconds and have some freaky/cool weird dreams and visions. This stuff is super flammable it is best to try it in a outdoor area far from any fire or electricity. Like all inhaling keep use to a minimum, more than once a month is way too much, having a sober friend close enough to help if things go bad but far enough away to not interfere with the visions and dreams is a good idea. The idea of a #10 coffee can is you can't easily deprive yourself of oxygen and if you fall asleep the can will drop out of your hands and you will wake up in about a minute.

Another way to enjoy ether is to chill it, and drink it. There is a bit of technique involved in this. Before drinking the ether, chill it in a refrigerator, and prepare some icy cold water. About a liter of water will work great. Chug all the water as fast as possible(this will cool off your throat tissues and help prevent evaporation of the ether.), then switch over to your ether. Dose is about the same as alcohol. Finally, make damn sure that your ether is Diethyl Ether. If it's the other kind, that you can get badly poisoned.

Do not try this with other volatiles like gasoline as these can cause chemical burns to the face and airway, and of course, brain damage, and never use a sack over your head for any reason. Make sure it's pure, or if pure is unobtainable, that you know the exact percentages and have a decent chemistry lab set up. There are various rumors floating around the web that the chemicals can be easily separated. This is a myth.

Note that there is ether and there is ether. Car starting (petroleum) ether is NOT the same as diethyl ether, the stuff that gets you more safely high: See ,, and

You can make diethyl ether from 95% or grain alcohol aka pure drinking ethanol and sulfuric acid catalyst, you will need a copper distillation tube, and a turkey fryer thermometer, a large glass bottle with a real cork drilled for thermometer and tube will work for your distillation vessel. This reaction produces water and ether which will be mixed with the sulfuric acid. Distil the water/ether/acid mixture at no higher than 45C! Collect distillate that comes over in the range of 31-36°C. Ether makes explosive peroxides on contact with air, so throw a few iron nails or copper wire into your storage bottle to head that off. This synthesis must be done outside on pavement using an electrical hot plate, not open flames. Ether is more flammable than gasoline and will catch fire if there is a spark.


Many people dig salvia leaves. Not being extracted, it takes about 2-3 bowlfuls for a high, or a massive amount kept in your mouth like dipping tobacco. Extracts are very good, but expensive, and the high is short lasting.

Using compressed air (keyboard cleaner) gives a stimulant-like high and for about five minutes afterwards, everything is warped and twisted. It's a fun high, but you'll really pay for it one day. Just stick to Mexican swag, and you'll be fine. (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED: The chemical agent in canned air is extremely easy to overdose on even in low doses, do not try this.)

Some prescriptions give really good highs. Some do nothing, and some can kill you. Just check what you're doing before experimenting. The Pill Book is an annually-printed paperback book that you can find at the pharmacy. Look for medication that has a side effect of euphoria, and you're on the way. It's common for most of these kinds of pills to be given at doses that will make you high, so don't overdose, or think that you need even twice as much to feel anything.

You'll remember from high school health class that you should never take anyone else's prescription medication. In general, this is not really true. Unless you have allergies to a medication, it's probably safe to take whatever you might run into with your friends. If you are taking other medication, prescribed by a doctor, then, you do need to be more careful about what you're doing, because when prescription meds really get iffy is when they are mixed with another prescription. Otherwise, most pain pills and psychotropics are commonly prescribed to pretty much everyone.

Some pills can be ingested by chewing them, but this should be done cautiously if at all. Chewing (or crushing them up with the back of a spoon inside another spoon) the pills often brings the high more quickly. The downside, and the danger, is that you take in all of the medicine at once, which can either waste your high or risk your life. So, be careful. Never, ever crush anything that you have not already used, and try to get as much information about the medicine before taking it beyond the normal dose.

Most pills are made with a time-release coating which dissolves in your stomach and releases the medicine inside slowly. If you chew these, you're going to waste it, because the coating gets all sticky and prevents the real medicine from being properly absorbed. Chewing your pills can be handy if you're not in a place where you can get away with grinding up pills in front of people, but always try crushing it before you chew it, or you might be in for a yucky surprise.

Of course, if you are too tough to pretend you're eating Flintstones' vitamins, you can grind up a pill and snort it, just as you would with coke or heroin. This generates an even quicker and more intense high than chewing the pills. Be careful, and never, never incorrectly digest any medication until you are well versed with its normal dose and effects.

In general, the big problem with using pills as a regular high is the rate of addiction. In addition to becoming psychologically addicted, which can happen with everything from PlayStation to chocolate, many (most) types of medication that give you a high are also extremely physically addictive. Even taking an opiate like Oxycodone for a couple of days can result in an episode of withdrawal and can take a long time to endure and can range from very uncomfortable to really, really sick. All things being perfect, if you're going to use pills for a kick, only use them for a night or so. If you use them for any length of time, try very hard to watch your dosage, and keep enough to last about two days to come off the pills, by reducing the dose by about half every other time you take it.

For a night out, if you don't go nuts with the booze (which you should try to stay away from if you're taking pills), some medication can provide a very pleasant and non-intrusive buzz, and it can last a while.


There are a lot of stories about household substances and other common stuff that can get you high. Most of these are, unfortunately, untrue. For instance:

Aspirin and Tylenol - They can kill you with an overdose but they won't get you high.

Baked Banana Peels - This started as a joke that got entirely out of hand. Supposedly the peels contained a psychoactive compound called "bananadine" and if you scraped the insides and let them dry, you could smoke them and get high. It doesn't work, and there's no such thing as "bananadine".

Catnip - Some of our regular contributors have actually smoked a catnip joint in a hopeful attempt to find some hidden pot substitute in our youth, and it doesn't work. It seems that only cats have the ability to actually get high off of this stuff.

Cola-Cola and Aspirin - This is an urban legend dating back to the 1950's. It will not get you high, nor cause instant death, nor is it an aphrodisiac.

Huffing - Might get you high but many of these chemicals will burn your face or bronchial tubes. Benzine, which is found in most glues and paints, is a known carcinogen.

Rope - Real manila hemp has a negligibly low THC concentration. In fact, most countries that allow a hemp industry and have illegalized pot require that the farmers use only low THC strains of cannabis and test random samples on an annual basis.

Rosemary - Yup, you just bought fake weed and it will not get you high.

Selenium - A handful of these will produce a minor buzz, but will damage your kidneys even more. The trade-off isn't worth it.

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