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Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city of the state of Georgia, and the central city of the ninth most populous metropolitan area in the United States. It is the county seat of Fulton County; although a portion of the city extends into DeKalb County. According to the July 2005 census estimate, the city has a population of 470,688 and a metropolitan population of 4,917,717. As of July 1, 2005, Atlanta's combined statistical area (CSA) is estimated to have a population of 5,249,121.

During the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta stood apart from Southern cities that supported segregation, and became known as the "City Too Busy to Hate." The city's progressive civil rights record made it increasingly popular as a relocation destination for African Americans, and the city's population became majority-black by 1972. African Americans soon became the dominant political force in the city; since 1974, all of the mayors of Atlanta have been African-American, as well as the majority of the city's fire chiefs, police chiefs, and other high-profile government officials. White flight occurred in the city in the 1970s and 1980s; the city's population dropped by more than 100,000 from 1970 to 1990. That trend has reversed itself, however, and with accelerating gentrification, the black majority has dropped from 69 percent in 1980 to 54 percent in 2005. The city has one of the largest gay populations in the nation; according to Census 2000 both DeKalb and Fulton counties are among the ten most heavily gay counties in America.

Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate, (Cfa) according to the Köppen classification, with hot, humid summers and mild winters by the standards of the United States. Summer highs are usually in the 90s and winter lows are usually in the 30s.

Atlanta's police department has been plagued by allegations of police brutality. Atlanta is known for being a Pig Patrol Palace and can be proven. Just try to reason with them or make sure not to do anything too obvious or stupid. But serious warning-these pigs are out on the loose ready to arrest anybody and they are real stupid with the rules and stuff. Get the Declaration of Independence to save you and carry a copy of it with you. Its really easy to get pulled over especially later in the month as Fulton county cops have a quota of arrests that they have to make each month so dont carry anything illegal on you especially after about the 20th of each month. If you aren't too rude, you might give them the vibe that you just want to be left alone.

To find a plethora of stuff you can do for free/cheap while seeing Atlanta, try this. For an extremely charitable organization offering anything from free meals to showers to medical clinics, go to this website.


  • The madhousers build shelters for homeless people. Their phone number is (404) 806-6233 and they ask that you leave a message. [1]
  • There is a commune called Amata that might be able to offer accommodations. Contact information:
317 Nelms Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307-2105. 
Phone: 404-378-3954, 404-704-5548.
The web address, for this commune and more in Georgia as well as the rest of the US.

The below address holds space for any decent person with a small party for living space for as long as needed for free if willing to help out and do work. Free food available:

1020 Amhearst Oaks Drive
Lawrenceville 30043
(an hour away from Atlanta)

or ask any nice-looking person on the street if they'll take you for a small rent or work. Or look through the newspapers to see if any one is looking for a roommate. Try college campuses.


  • Sevananda Natural Foods Co-Op is a community-owned natural foods business that sells pretty much anything that's edible and organic. They have vitamins, supplements, and groceries. The kitchen serves fresh and nutritious baked goods, soups, sandwiches and salads, and offers ongoing health, cooking and nutrition classes. Emphasis is placed on providing high-quality natural foods, preferably those grown and prepared using organic methods. Natural care, household, and general merchandise items are also available. The cooperative is owned by the people who shop here, but membership is not required for shopping. The prices aren't listed that I've seen. Their address is 467 Moreland Way, Atlanta, GA 30354. Their website].
  • There is a little Italian style resteraunt called Toscano & Sons Italian Market located at 1000 Marietta St., Suite 106. They have panini (I'm not sure what it is) for $4.50. They also have wine available for $10, though I'm not sure how much you get. They have a variety of Italian food available. They don't have a site, but you can find out more here here.
  • Atlanta's Food Not Bombs gives away free vegetarian food in the Little Five Points neighborhood. Close to Sevananda Co-op. Check here for more info. Every Saturday from about noontime 'till the food runs out!
  • Or go to a grocery store and ask for day-old food that should not be thrown out but instead given up for your charity-Bums That R Hungry. They should gladly do it. Or just get whatever you'd like, buy only one small thing and walk on out. Or just eat the food while you are in the grocery store-away from any salespeople, then leave when you feel full.

Medical Care[edit]

Free/cheap medical clinics in or near Atlanta are listed here.

Legal Aid[edit]

For those of you that get busted for pot or other drugs, here is a list of lawyers that specialize in such an area:

Bruce Harvey 146 Nassau St. NW Atlanta 30303 404-659-4628

Michael R. Hauptman 1950 The Equitable Bldg. 100 Peachtree St. NW Atlanta 30303 404-525-8421

Deric Beaudoin 2200 Century Parkway N.E. Atlanta 30345 404-325-4800

-Derived from


High Museum of Art, Folk Art & Photography Galleries is located at 30 John Wesley Dobbs Ave. Atlanta, GA Their number is 404-577-6940

The King Center is dedicated to educating the public about the philosophies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and conducts tours of the King Center's Freedom Hall Complex, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Dr. King's Birth Home, and the National Park Service Visitor's Center. Their address is: 449 Auburn Ave. Atlanta, GA Their number is 404-526-8900. Centennial Olympic Park is located at Techwood Dr and International Blvd. It's a really big park, with fountains in the ground that are good for cooling down in the summer. Their number is (404) 223-4412.

While it isn't free, one of the main venues of the Atlanta scene is Masquerade, located at 695 North Ave NE Atlanta, Ga 30308. It's little and the shows rarely cost over $20. Another alternative event scene 'legal' venue is Spring4th Center. 728 Spring St 30308 at 4th. Everything from kink, to gospel to raves. [2]

The Oakhurst Community Center in Decatur is a community garden and play-area open and free to all 24-7 and is not far from Atlanta. A great area for meetings for the End AmeriKa Club[3]. The streets are open and free to all. The streets are for dancing, singing, and meeting other like-minded fellow, just remember. Don't let anybody kick you guys off, but don't be rude. Just sit calmly and peacefully-but once they start to be violent, cause a riot with everybody else in the streets.


The major daily newspaper in Atlanta is The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Other weekly papers include Creative Loafing and Atlanta Nation.

Skirt! is a free newspaper for women and girls that is layed out for free in many different areas throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia. Take as many as you'd like!

  • International medical, law, and business publisher NewsRx is headquartered in the Atlanta suburb of Vinings.
  • There is generally a lot of traffic in Atlanta, with morning and evening rush hours typical of any city.

Underground Papers[edit]

Atlanta is home to CrimethInc. Headquarters. While they aren't a paper or magazine, they have them available, as well as a lot anarchist literature. Their address is 2695 Rangewood Dr. This location is just a mailbox in a suburban neighborhood with some friendly old folk. You won't find an infoshop or anything like that here. Just a dropbox.

Public Transit[edit]

Anyone who lives in or near Atlanta, or anyone who has visited it, have probably seen MARTA busses or trains. A single one-way fare, with up to two children under six is $1.75. Passes for multiple rides are sold at RideStores and Breeze Vending Machines. Their address, for any questions, is MARTA Customer Service Center, 2424 Piedmont Road, NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324-3330. Their phone number is 1-888-446-4511.

Stand on the streets away from busy intersections and stick your hitch-hiking thumb out. We always give people a lift without a problem and I'm sure other people will be glad to give a friendly ride. If you are going far, offer to pitch in for gas or provide drugs or let them join you in the fun. Be sure and thank people and let them know that your wife and children will be glad that you can finally get them food.

Free Clothing and Furniture[edit]

There are many thrift stores that offer discounted and really cheap used clothes in the Little Five Points Area such as Psycho Sisters. You can sell your clothes and trade it for new clothes (or lightly used). Or there's Rag-o-Rama that sells entirely used but REALLY CHEAP clothes. If you speak to the manager and tell him you really need something warm, I'm sure they will provide a decent jacket that isn't selling for free. The Salvation Army has free clothing available and the Mexican square in Lawrenceville has a thrift store that sells really cheap clothes, shoes, books, toys, and anything you need. Or go to garage sales where everyone is busy, take a bunch of clothes and leave. Or just ask them to give it to you for free-chances are they have so much junk from all the new stuff they've got and probably won't be affected if they don't make $5 or 10 bucks. Make sure to really go dressed like the bum that you are and look grungy.

Assorted Freebies[edit]

Open Door Community is an organization that offers all kinds of things to homeless people, from food to clothes to medical clinics and more.