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Homeless Shelters Throughout the Cincinnati Area

  • The Drop Inn Center - The Drop Inn Center is Cincinnati's largest homeless shelter. It is located Over The Rhine at 217 W 12th St.
  • Project Connect Homeless - Farther north-west is Project Connect Homeless, located at 6954 Warder Dr. between the Greenfield Village area and Brookhill area.
  • The Welcome House - South of both other locations is The Welcome House in the Northern Kentucky Area. The Welcome House has two locations: one at 205 Pike St., and the other at 205 West St., both in Covington, Kentucky.


  • Cincinnati Freestore Food Bank []
112 East Liberty Street, Cincinnati
(513) 241-1064

Public Transit[edit]

The Cincinnati Area has a public transit system: METRO from SORTA (Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority). The METRO will bring you all over the Greater Cincinnati Area, which is divided in three zones. The fare is $1.75 to ride in the limits of zone one, and $2.65 to go between zones one and two, and $3.00 to into zone three. Transfers from one route to another are $.50

For bus route information visit Go-Metro.

Located downtown is the TANK (Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky) which will take you over the river into Northern Kentucky counties Boone, Campbell and Kenton. [1]