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Today's world of communication is light years away from what it looked like 40 years ago. This section contains information about traditional means of communication. The next section contains information about internet communication.

But the existence of electronic contact shouldn't cause us to overlook these traditional methods. The internet may be used for many things, but we don't pass the internet on the street, we don't see it on billboards or roadway overpasses. Despite how embedded the web is in our society, there are many methods of communicating that don't involve web sites, log-ins, RSS feeds or browser applications. In fact, many of our brothers and sisters don't have regular or reliable access to the web.

This is not a bad thing. Traditional methods of communication can sometimes be more flexible and direct than electronic means. As web content is often disconnected from everyday life, traditional content is everywhere — on our radios, on our phones and in our newspapers. The false notion that many activists have that says that the internet is the only or even the best way to communicate is perhaps the primary reason for the lack of involvement on the part of many people in influencing public policy.

The challenge with using traditional means is thinking outside the box. Effective communication breaks the pattern of expectations. Define your audience and know your medium. Challenge yourself to invent new and interesting ways to capture the attention of your audience by manipulating the medium or refining the message. When communication fails, it is most often because it doesn't convey meaning to the audience or because it doesn't use the medium correctly.

Effective communication conveys information quickly and generates the desired response on its own. Take advantage of the fact that most of the information that many people get from our CorpGov system is batch processed and bland. By leveraging those means of communication effectively, you can counter the system's propaganda and generate action in a way that includes a huge number of people at once.

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