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Fall River Massachusetts, is a small city, about 90,000 people. It is in South Eastern Massachusetts. There are many different neighborhoods in the city. Most of the people here are first or second generation immigrants from Portugal, Sao Miguel, Acorez more specifically. The city used to generate income from all the mills. Today the mills have been either transformed into a new business, or are not being used. There are bad parts of the city, but there are no places extremely dangerous. The city has a relatively high gang related crime rate for its size, and has one of the highest "HIV/AIDS rate due to unsterilized needles" rates in the US. So, as long as you stay away from needles, you should be fine. The city is sort of apolitical and apathetic, but you can find radicals if you look. The pigs in the area vary in terms of, niceness?, I guess would be a good word. It really depends on their mood. Some of them don't really care about what you do, but a lot of them can be pricks and discriminate based on your age. If you are a teenager or in your 20's you'll probably get picked on more. But Fall River has many beautiful parts, and if you're hitchhiking or travelling through this part of the country and need a place to crash for the night or a few days, the area can be a good place to visit.


One thing Fall River has a lot of is places for shelter. In the mill district, you can find several places to sleep. At 638 Quequechan St., there is an unfinished wood store, which has several wooden sheds on display in the parking lot. You can climb through the window or open the door, and have a decent night's sleep.

In the same parking lot, at 638 Quequechan St., there is a Cardi's Furniture Store. If you go down the parking lot, you will see two rails in the ground where a railroad once was. If you walk a few yards down it, you will find a path, which is becoming overgrown with brush. If you walk through the path, you will come to a spot where many people fish, and where homeless people sleep. So if you need company, or need another place to sleep head over there.

Also in the Mill District are several mills which are not being used or are currently being refurbished into other businesses. If you can get into the buildings you will have a place to sleep which is safe, though you might encounter rats. However, places that are being worked on are much easier to get into. Often, at the end of the work day, construction workers will just put up a board against a door or a window to discourage vagrants, but you can just move these aside and you will have a very roomy, and probably warm place to sleep. Who knows, you might be able to score some tools.

Kennedy Park, a park located in a safer part of the city, has a pavilion at the top of the hill where you can sleep. There will be a roof over your head, but it is not closed off so you'll be cold, and you might get harassed by some people. However, cops do not generally waste their time checking this pavilion for homeless people. It is surrounded by a rock wall about 2 - 3 ft high, so nobody can see you from the street. The park is also home to a Portuguese festival which takes place one weekend every summer. So if you are in the area during the summer, check it out, you can get free Portuguese food.

There are always various construction sites around the city, and a relatively short bike ride will expose you to many. You might be able to catch a night's sleep in some of the town houses being built, as long as you are out before the workday starts, and the construction workers don't arrive. But even if they do, they might act tough, but they'll just tell you to get out and probably won't call the cops.


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