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Glasgow is a major city in Scotland.


Housing for the homeless is available on Clyde Street. Contact the Hamish Allan centre for details

The Free Hetherington [1] in the West End of the city is a squatted building belonging to Glasgow University. They welcome visitors so long as they respect the FH's "safe spaces" policy.


Skips for raiding are plentiful. TrashWiki has some excellent information.

Medical Care[edit]

Medical care is generally free in the UK. Any hospital will treat an emergency case, and healthcare can be arranged.

Healthcare, including general practice, (most) surgical procedures, and (with proof of eligibility, e.g. benefits) prescription medications are free, thanks to the good old NHS. Prescriptions have a standard fee of around £7 for those who have to pay for them, which is nae bad. Condoms are available free in pretty much any GP clinic, and often you can see a doctor without an appointment by turning up on the day.


All publicly owned museums have free entry. See Glasgow City Council website for further details.

Free tickets to events in the city can be obtained by registering with this website, who give away theatre tickets, invites to restaurant openings etc in exchange for feedback.

There are regular free events held in the city including

  • the west end festival (1st two weeks in June -both free and pay-for events)
  • Fireworks night on Glasgow Green (Nov 5th)
  • Govan fair (first Friday in June)
  • International Women's Day events


Weather is rainy, very rainy. Wellies are good.

Public Transit[edit]

Public transport includes a limited underground, a low level train service and a comprehensive bus service. Services are run by SPT, check their website for further details.

Free Clothing and Furniture[edit]

Free furniture can usually be obtained by checking out the "uplift" day in the respective part of the city, where large items are taken away by the council. Much good furniture is thrown out.