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Party Scene[edit]

If you find yourself down and out in Indianapolis, make your way to the Alley Cat Lounge in Broad Ripple on the old North Side. It's the bar in the alley off 62nd between Guilford and College Ave.

The Alley Cat won't pick you up out of the gutter, but you'll find similarly situated cats there who can hook you up with everything from food to drugs to a floor to crash on. Possibly even transportation out of town. Monday night is free taco night if you get there early enough.

This place has been a haven for people on the fringes for decades. If you ask nicely, Mike, Mo, or Dave may even hook you up with a free drink. Watch out for Tom, the Big Lebowski lookin' honky bartender. He's a secret agent for The Man.

Common Knowledge[edit]

1. Within Marion County is a small city within a city. The hell holes name? Beech Grove. Our advice? Stay out of here! Cops will stop you for no reason other than they're having a boring day.