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Malaga is located in Andalusia, Spain. It's the capital city of Costa del Sol, with half million population. Birthplace of Antonio Banderas and Pablo Picasso.


Squatting in Spain used to be more easy, but lately it became harder. You can still squat a house, but you have to make sure, that police cannot enter. Block all the doors and windows etc. And stay out from the city center. If you don't want to fuck your brains with squatting, you can sleep anywhere, people don't give a shit and police only checks your documents. If you don't care about privacy, sleep on the very crowded street, then people bring you morning coffee, food, wine, blankets, marijuana and money. You can also find Albergue for sleeping (ask Policia Local), but there you have to be on time, you cannot be drunk and you can stay there only three nights.


Finding food is easy all over Spain, also in Malaga. Just find supermarket and check the dumpster. Usually they bring the trash out in the evening (from 9 o'clock until midnight), sometimes during the siesta time (2-5 o'clock in midday). Only supermarket, which is undumpsterable, is Mercadona, because they have dumpsters inside. If you are meat eater, then check the SuperSol dumpsters, might be on siesta, but sometimes they don't have any system with throwing the garbage. Meat is fresh, because this is leftover of cuttings. In the evening, around 8 or 9 o'clock, there are some religious people giving coffee and sandwiches near the canal in the city center. You can find this place easily, because it is just next to Hotel Ibis (big orange house). Cannot miss it. But food is not the best. If you don't eat meat, say that you are muslim, then you get cheese sandwiches. You can eat hot food in Albergue, in the afternoon and evening, but you have to register. If you don't, then you might get food or not. Mostly not. And registration in Spanish mood can take two weeks.

Shower and Laundry[edit]

For shower and laundry you can visit Albergue or Cruz Roja (Red Cross). You have to register in both of those, and in Cruz Roja you have to be a junkie. If you are not, then just lie that you are. Best is to go to registration with hangover. In Albergue they take your dirty clothes in the early morning, something about 6 or 7 o'clock, that's why I never was there.

For shower you can also use the showers on the beach. Most of the year those are open, only in the winter they are out of order.


For free entertainment you can visit Casa Invisible in the city center. It's kind of squat, but nobody lives there. Sometimes they have free concerts there and there is also a bar, where you can watch films once a week. You can meet some cool people there, but all Casa Invisible people are P.C. kids, they don't allow you to drink your own alcohol, smoke weed inside, and enter with a dog.