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Please provide a general outline of the city and its neighborhoods/boroughs/parts of town, including information about political leanings, police forces, population, income levels, social services, etc.

Melbourne is a beautiful city with a good vibe. A great place to escape to but remember that Australian foreign policy unfortunately often mirrors that of the United States, and they extradite to the US in most cases.


Free housing, shelters and hostels, etc.

Squatting is one of your best options here. Squatting in Australia is an issue between you and the owners. So only the owners or someone acting on behalf of the owners can kick you out (legally). If the cops come try to tell them that you are in the process of working out an agreement with the owners... if the owner come be nice and try to point out the benefits of you being there (stooping vandals & copper stripers, doing up keep, etc)... but if they want you out it's time to find somewhere new. There is no shortage to empties around Melbourne.

At the moment (early 2011) there is a lot of empties around Dandenog, due to all the development there. It is a bit far out but if you have to move there is probably another empty just down the road. Also around Upper Furntree Gully & Belgrave area there are still quite a few empties from when the bush fires came through a few years back.

There are many squatted building around Melbourne but they are peoples homes not social centres like in Europe and they are often kept quite so people can stay there for as long as possible.

Over summer urban camping is an option. Find an empty lot with a fence (for privacy), some bushes in an out of the way park, etc and pitch a tent.

Couch surfing is good for short term accommodation if you are visiting Melbourne on a holiday. See here

If all else fails and you need a bed for a night and a shower below is a list of Homeless Accommodation:

Flagstaff homeless accommodation men Cnr, King and Roden Sts, West Melbourne Ph: (03) 9329 4800 (24 hours) Fax: (03) 9329 0966 Email: Public transport: trams 57, 50, trains to Flagstaff Station Referral is via Homeground Services Ph: (03) 9417 2500 Accommodation for single men, short term, $14.00 per night Visiting services include Royal District Nursing Service, Centrelink, Homeless Person's Legal Clinic, Naturopath, onsite drug and alcohol service, housing referral service, recreation activities If no accommodation, they may voucher you until a room becomes available.

Hanover Southbank homeless accommodation males / females 52 Haig St, South Melbourne Ph: (03) 9699 4566 (24hour) Fax: (03) 9682 2070 Email: Accommodation: self referral for single men and women, short term, $12.00 per night, youth allowance $12.00, self referral Services: drug and alcohol, social workers, case management, health services, Royal District Nursing Service If no accommodation, they may voucher you until a room is available.

Ozanam house homeless accommodation men 179 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne Ph: (03) 9329 5100 (24 hours) Fax: (03) 9329 8727 Email: Tram 57 From Elizabeth St Accommodation for men over 18, short term, $13.00 per night, self referral Services include case workers, drug and alcohol, Royal District Nursing Service If no accommodation they may voucher you until a room becomes available.

Argyle Street Housing Service homeless accommodation men / women Help with crisis and transitional, homeless accommodation Public and community housing Private rental and share accommodation Information about support services Help with your accommodation problems, drop in service 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday 122 Chapel St St KILDA EAST Ph: 03 9537 7797 2/107 Cambridge St COLLINGWOOD Ph: 03 9417 2500


Free/low-cost markets, produce, butchers, day-old bakeries, etc.

Food banks, missions, church meals, etc.

Many bakeries will sell miscellaneous collections of day-olds really cheap. Also, there are many groups who roll up in a van and feed the homeless. If you want to take advantage, pretend to be homeless I guess. I personally wouldn't recommend it, as you're possibly denying someone in a worse situation a meal. However, if you cant feed yourself anyway... go for it.

Food not bombs is an anarchist group cook up and give out free vegan food to anyone who wants or needs it. If you have the time help cook - it is a great way to meet people and helps this sort of thing to keep going. Time and places are below.

Monday 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 5:00 - 7:00 PM Cooking sessions for Food Not Bombs Vegan Street Kitchen. Phone Lisa or Alice on (03) 9443 7856 or Sean on 0403990492 to find out more.

12:30 PM Food Not Bombs distributes at the corner of King William and Brunswick Streets, Fitzroy. Melway 2C A9

7:30 PM Food Not Bombs distributes at Spurling Reserve, Footscray, Melway 41 K4

Tuesday 5:00 - 7:00 PM Cooking sessions for Food Not Bombs Vegan Street Kitchen. Phone Lisa or Alice on (03) 9443 7856 or Sean on 0403990492 to find out more.

7:30 PM Food Not Bombs distributes at the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Streets in Fitzroy, Melway 2C A11.

Sunday 4:00 - 6:00 PM Cooking sessions for Food Not Bombs Vegan Street Kitchen at Loophole, 670 High St, Thornbury. Call Sean on 0403990492 to find out more. 6:00 - 7:00 PM Distribution also at Loophole, 670 High St, Thornbury. Call Sean on 0403990492 to find out more.

As well as food not bombs here is a list of free/cheap places to eat. They are mostly aimed at homeless and people down on their luck.


St Mary's House of Welcome 165-169 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Breakfast: Monday-Saturday 9.00 am, Morning Tea: 10.30 Tram 112 from Collins St

Sacred Heart Church 87 Grey Street, St Kilda Pn 9537 1166 Tea, coffee light breakfast 9.30 am - 10.30 am


St Mary's House of Welcome 165-169 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Breakfast: Monday-Saturday Lunch: 12 noon - 1.00 pm Afternoon Tea: 3.00 pm Tram 112 from Collins St

Ozanam Community Centre 268 Abbotsford Street North Melbourne: Ph 9329 6733 Lunch every day, 12 - 1.00 pm Tram 57 from Elizabeth St

Sacred Heart Church 87 Grey Street, St Kilda Pn 9537 1166 Lunch: every day, 12 - 1.30 pm

Credo Cafe Monday to Thursday 12- 1.00pm no charge 174 Collins Street Melbourne


Ozanam Community Centre 268 Abbotsford Street North Melbourne: Ph 9329 6733 Dinner: 5.00-6.00 pm Cost $2.50 Tram 57 from Elizabeth St

Missionaries of Charity Rear 69 George St Fitzroy Ph: (03) 9417 1704 or 9415 1010 Mon-Tues-Wed-Fri 5pm free

Hare Krishna Temple 197 Danks Street Albert Park Dinner Mon- Fri 5pm Sat 6pm Free

Medical Care[edit]

Planned parenthood, free clinics, free medical advice, Medicare resources, low-cost clinics, etc.

If you have a medicare card you can get fee medical help form any doctor that offers bulk billing. These are getting harder to find and some now will only bulk bill if you also have a health care card, are old or a child... but they are worth a bit of a travel. If you find a good one its free. There is a list here but it is not a complete list.

Free blood & STD tests

The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre offers free testing for HIV and all other sexually transmissible infections (STI).

   Address: 580 Swanston St, Carlton
   Phone:  61 3  9341 6200 or 1800 032 017 (free)

Primary Needle and Syringe Programs (NSPs) offer free medical services (including HIV and STI testing) to people who inject drugs.

   Phone Directline on 1800 888 236 (free) to find out your closest Primary NSP.

Legal Aid[edit]

ACLU, free legal aid/counselling, pro bono attorneys, etc.

Armed Forces/Deployment Avoidance Counselling[edit]

Legal aid, resources, etc.

As it currently stands, people aren't forced into military service, so avoiding military service is as simple as not signing up!


See Free Play section, include details for this city.

Beaches, Swimming Pools, Parks, Sports, Museums, Music, Theatre, TV shows, Movies, etc.

There is always many free good (and sometimes bad) gigs on around Melbourne. Check the free street press rags, Beat and Inpress, each week, and scope the ads on all the venues around town for free gigs and the like. Then your only cost is travel (unless you take the advice later in the article), and drinks, if alcohol is your bag.

In Melbourne a pirate cinema group (a do-it-yourself cinema) has been running successfully (although sporadically) since early 2010. Amongst other things they aim provide free entertainment, protest against copyright and censorship laws, and make use of abandoned & disused spaces screening films under freeway bridges, in abandoned buildings & squats, etc... They mostly screen independent or less known films that would not get showed at a mainstream cinema.

Details of screenings are often posted here.

Note: several commercial groups have ripped off this idea and go gun ho at it with lots of expensive equipment but they are out to make money not provide free entertainment and will charge you a lot to attend there screenings! These people are not associated with the Melbourne pirate cinema group in any other way apart from stealing M.P.C.'s idea to make them selves rich.

The beaches around Melbourne and Victoria are free and great. You can get a local train to Williamstown, Mordialic or Britan beach or a tram to St. Kilda (all bays). Alternatively get a Vline from Spencer street/Southern cross station to Sorrento, Torquay, Inverloch, Philip Island, etc for a good surf beach.

Most art galleries around Melbourne are free. The N.G.V. on St. Kilda road is defiantly worth checking out & free for everything except special exhibitions. There are many galleries on Flinders Lane (the city), Smith Street (Collingwood) and RMIT university - you could spend a day in any of these places checking out the free galleries. The amount of free galleries around Melbourne is almost endless, so instead of trying to list them all, see [ here] or do an internet search.

The opening of most shows at galleries are free and they will often give you free wine, beer or finger food. Have a look at this months art almanac in a library to find out what openings are on.

Melbourne has some great graffiti art in its lane ways. If you ask at the information booth on Burke Street Mall in the city they will give you a free map of some good places to check out the graffiti around the city.

The Melbourne museum is free to students and concession card holders and is a great day of free entertainment.

RMIT university show free movies every Wednesday at lunch time in Kaleide theater on Swanston street (city). I think it is meant to just be for students but they don't check student cards. [1]

Skate parks[edit]

Melbourne has many good free skate parks. You need your own board but there is no entry free to use most of the parks. Here is a list of some:

Aireys Inlet Skate Park Great Ocean Road Aireys Inlet 3231 (03) 9261 0600

Albert Park Vert Ramp Albert Park Reserve Albert Park 3206 (03) 9209 6209

Altona Skatepark HD Graham Reserve Altona 3018 (03) 9932 1000

Anglesea Ramp Lions Park Anglesea 3230 (03) 5261 0600

Apollo Bay Skate Park Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay 3233 (03) 9261 0600

Ascot Vale Skate Park Wingate Avenue Ascot Vale 3032 (03) 9243 8888

Bacchus Marsh Skate Park Rotary Park Bacchus Marsh 3340 (03) 5366 7100

Bairnsdale Ramp Davison Oval Bairnsdale 3875 (03) 5150 9100

Ballarat Skate Park Cnr Mair & Armstrong Streets Ballarat 3350 (03) 5320 5500

Balwyn Vert Ramp Belmore Road Camberwell 3124 (03) 9278 4444

Benalla Skate Park Bridge Street West Benalla 3672 (03) 5722 0888

Bendigo Skate Park Cnr McIvor Road & Kennedy Street Bendigo 3550 (03) 5434 6000

Bentleigh East Skate Park East Boundary Road Bentleigh East 3165 (03) 9524 3333

Bill Waterston Skate Park C/- Ararat YMCA, Ararat 3377 (03) 5352 2557

Box Hill Skate Park Canterbury Road Box Hill 3128 (03) 9262 6333

Box Hill Skate Room 693 Station Street Box Hill 3128 (03) 9897 4200

Broadmeadows Skate Ramp Jacana Reserve Broadmeadows 3047 (03) 9240 1111

Bulleen Bowl Swanston Street Reserve Bulleen 3105 (03) 9840 9333

Bunningyong Skate Park Corner Forest & Inglis Streets Ballarat 3350 (03) 5320 5500

Camberwell Skate Park Riversdale Road Camberwell 3124 (03) 9278 4444

Carrum Downs Skate Park Sandfield Drive Carrum Downs 3201 (03) 9784 1888

Chadstone Skate Park Phoenix Park Chadstone 3148 (03) 9524 3333

Chelsea Skate Park Bicentenial Park Chelsea 3196 (03) 9556 4200

Cheltenham Skate Park Sir William Fry Reserve Cheltenham 3192 (03) 9599 4444

Churchill Skate Park Behind the Churchill Shopping Centre Churchill 3842 (03) 5173 1400

Clifton Springs Skate Park Jetty Road Reserve Clifton Springs 3222 (03) 5227 0270

Coburg Skate Park Cnr Gaffney & Bishop Streets Coburg 3058 (03) 9568 9568

Cockatoo Bowl Recreation Area Cockatoo 3781 1300 368 333

Colac Skate Park Central Reserve Colac 3250 (03) 5232 9400

Coolaroo Skate Park Progress Reserve Coolaroo 3048 (03) 9205 2200

Corio Skate Park Off Rose Avenue Corio 3214 (03) 5227 0270

Cowes Skate Park Dunsmore Park Cowes 3922 (03) 5671 2211

Craigieburn Bowl Corner Rayfield Avenue & Craigieburn Road Craigieburn 3064 (03) 9205 2200

Cranbourne Skate Park New Holland Drive Cranbourne 3977 (03) 5996 6811

Creswick Skate Park Water Street Creswick 3363 (03) 5320 5500

Croydon Skate Park Norton Road Croydon 3136 (03) 9840 9333

Dandenong Skate Park John Hemmings Memorial Park Dandenong 3175 (03) 9239 5100

Daylesford Skate Park Stanbridge Street Daylesford 3460 (03) 5348 2306

Delacombe Skate Park Delacombe Recreation Reserve Delacombe 3356 (03) 5320 5500

Diamond Creek Skate Park Nillumbik Park Diamond Creek 3089 (03) 9433 3111

Dingley Skate Park Rowan Road Reserve Dingley 3172 1300 653 356

Drouin Skate Park Civic Park Drouin 3818 (03) 5624 2411

East Keilor Skate Park Rosehill Park Keilor East 3033 (03) 9243 8888

Elsternwick Bowls Elsternwick Park Elsternwick 3185 (03) 9209 6209

Endeavour Hills Skate Park Raymond McMahon Boulevard Endeavour Hills 3802 (03) 9705 5200

Epping Vert Ramp Peppercorn Park Epping 3076 (03) 9217 2170

Fitzroy Bowls Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3068 (03) 9278 4444

Gembrook Skate Park Corner Main Street & Gembrook Road Gembrook 3783 (03) 5945 4222

Gisborne Skate Park Gardiner Reserve Gisborne 3437 1300 656 577

Glen Waverley Skate Park Glen Waverly Reserve Glen Waverley 3150 (03) 9518 3555

Greensborough Skate Park Yando Street Greensborough 3088 (03) 9490 4222

Hastings Skate Park Marine Parade Hastings 3915 (03) 5986 0200

Healesville Skate Park Queens Park Healesville 3777 (03) 9735 8333

Highett Skate Park Peterson Reserve Highett 3190 (03) 9599 4444

Hoppers Crossing Ramp Mossfiel Reserve Hoppers Crossing 3029 (03) 9742 0777

Inverloch Skate Park Next to the football oval Inverloch 3996 (03) 5662 9200

Kensington Skate Park Holland Park Kensington 3031 (03) 9243 8888

Keon Park Ramp J.C Donath Reserve Keon Park 3073 (03) 9230 4444

Knox Bowls Lewis Park Wantirna South 3152 (03) 9298 8000

Koo Wee Rup Skate Park Rossiter Road Koo Wee Rup 3981 (03) 5671 2211

Korumburra Skate Park South Gipsland Highway Korumburra 3950 (03) 5671 2211

Kyneton Skate Park Corner Victoria & Beauchaml Streets Kyneton 3444 1300 656 577

Lara Skate Park Austin Park Lara 3212 (03) 5227 0270

Leongatha Skate Bowl Corner Roughead Street & Yarragon Road Leongatha 3953 (03) 5662 9200

Lilydale Bowls Hardy Street Lilydale 3140 (03) 9735 8333

Meadow Heights Mini Ramp Buchan Street Meadow Heights 3048 (03) 9205 2200

Melton Skate Park Melton Recreation Reserve Melton 3337 (03) 9747 7200

Mill Park Mini Ramp Mill Park Reserve Mill Park 3082 (03) 9217 2170

Mirboo North Bowl Central Park Mirboo North 3871 (03) 5173 1400

Moe Skate Park George Street Moe 3825 (03) 5173 1400

Mordialloc Skate Park Nepean Highway Mordialloc 3195 1300 653 356

Mornington Skate Park Civic Reserve Mornington 3931 (03) 5986 0200

Myrtleford Ramp Cundy Park Myrtleford 3737 (03) 5755 0555

Narre Warren Skate Park Ray Bastin Reserve Narre Warren 3805 (03) 9705 5200

Newhaven Ramp Boys Home Road Newhaven 3925 (03) 5671 2211

Noble Park Spine Ramp Memorial Drive Noble Park 3174 (03) 9546 7955

Northcote Skate Park Separation Street Northcote 3070 (03) 9230 4444

Ocean Grove Skate Park Shell Road Ocean Grove 3226 (03) 5227 0270

Pakenham Skate Park Henry Street Pakenham 3810 (03) 59454222

Point Cook Skate Park Boardwalk Boulevard Point Cook 3030 (03) 9742 0777

Point Lonsdale Skate Park 240 Point Lonsdale Road Point Lonsdale 3225 (03) 5227 0270

Port Melbourne Skate Park Intersedtion of Graham & Evans Streets Port Melbourne 3207 (03) 9658 9658

Prahran Bowl and Vert Ramp Malvern Road Prahran 3181 (03) 9625 1511

Reservoir Skate Park Edwardes Lake Park Reservoir 3073 (03) 9230 4444

Riverside Skate Park Alexandra Gardens Melbourne 3000 (03) 9663 0495

Riverslide Skate Park Boathouse Drive Melbourne 3001 (03) 9663 0495

Rollerway Newtown Skate Centre 6 Lambert Avenue Newtown 3220 (03) 5223 2481

Rutherglen Skate Park Murray Street Rutherglen 3073 (02) 6055 9200

Rye Skate Park Off Melbourne Road Rye 3941 (03) 5986 0200

Sale Skate Park Park Street Sale 3850 (03) 5142 3333

Sandringham Bowl Royal Avenue Sandringham 3191 (03) 9598 8111

Seaford Skate Park Railway Parade Seaford 3198 (03) 9784 1888

Shepparton Skate Park Goulburn Valley Highway Shepparton 3630 (03) 9217 2170

Spotswood Vert Ramp Donald McLean Reserve Spotswood 3015

Strathmore Ramp Boeing Reserve Strathmore 3041 (03) 9240 1111

St Albans Skate Park Taylors Road St Albans 3021 (03) 9249 4000

Sunbury Skate Park Cornish Street Sunbury 3429 (03) 9740 5022 or (03) 9740 5417

Thomastown Bowl Main Street Reserve Thomastown 3074 (03) 9217 2170

Torquay Skate Park Beach Road Torquay 3228 (03) 5261 0600

Traralgon Skate Park Agnes Brereton Park Traralgon 3844 (03) 5173 1400

Upwey Skate Park Mahony Street Upwey 3158 1300 368 333

Vermont Vert Ramp Burwood Highway Vermont 3133 (03) 9262 6333

Wallan Park Skate Park Bentinick Street Wallan 3756 (03) 9734 6200

Wangaratta Skate Park Corner of Park Lane and Edward Street Wangaratta 3676 (03) 5722 0888

Warragul Skate Park Burke Street Park Warragul 3820 (03) 9747 7200

Warrandyte Skate Park Taroona Avenue Warrandyte 3113 (03) 9840 9333

Warrnambool Skate Park Warrnambool Park Warrnambool 3280 (03) 5564 7800

Waurn Ponds Skate Park Waurn Ponds Valley Parklands Waurn Ponds 3216 (03) 5227 0270

Wendouree Bowl Cnr Norman & Dowling Streets Wendouree 3355 (03) 5320 5500

West Heidelberg Skate Park Malahang Reserve Heidelberg West 3081 (03) 9457 9939

The MelbournePlaygrounds site [] has more information on the Skate Parks including description, rating and current photos. The Skate Parks and BMX tracks are under the menu heading "Wheels" on the home page.

or just do an internet search.


Most drugs can be bought but take into consideration that Australia is very isolated from the rest of the world. As a result of this quality of many drugs that are usually smuggled into Europe or the United States are of a low quality in Australia.

If you're buying marijuana expect to pay anywhere between $15-$20 a gram. If you're buying in by the ounce is expect to pay between $250 and $300 per ounce. How well you know the person and the amount of time you giving them to supply are all variations on the price. Depending on where you come from in the world these prices might be much higher much lower than what you are used to. Melbourne has a world reputation for high-quality hydroponic marijuana but it's bush or outdoor marijuana is also of the very high standard in my opinion. Unfortunately most dealers will not give you an option of what you are buying and if you are given an option it's usually just "do you want to buy hydroponic, bush, outdoor, organic, etc not certain strains.

Hash is very hard to come by in Australia and if you do find it is usually very expensive. I would personally recommend not bothering with hash as marijuana is easy to come by and a high quality in Melbourne.

Pills or ecstasy is not hard to come by but usually of a low quality and does not contain the MDMA that you expect it to. When you buy a pill in Melbourne you do not know what is in it. Pills in Melbourne had been reported to contain lots of nasty things including ground glass. If you do buy pills in Melbourne expect to pay between $20 and $30 each although I would recommend against it.

Speed and crystal meth are fairly easy to find in Melbourne. The quality as well as the price of these drugs can vary greatly. These days with the restrictions on selling Sudafed the ability to make your own Crystal meth and the amount people making it is reducing.

Magic mushrooms can also be bought in Melbourne although there doesn't seem to be a set price and the dealer is often just collectors who have gotten excess from a pick. Because Magic mushrooms seem to attract a different type of drug use and dealer sometimes the people with excess will be more happy to barter or trade than sell.

Masculine is not often bought and sold in Melbourne, although there are quite a few places such as cacti sellers are the Victoria market and sometimes happy high herbs on Smith Street that sale foot long cuttings of San Pedro which you can make your own from.

LSD or acid is also very popular at in certain circles around Melbourne and you can buy LSD of a very high quality. The form that LSD takes in Melbourne can vary greatly. It could be liquid, sugar cubes, tabs, or microdots. The price per trip could vary anything between $15 and $35. The strength or amount micrograms can also vary greatly between trips, price can and also can not be an indication of this. Your best bet is to buy it off someone you trust someone who you think is knowledgeable about this. The good news is that people who take an often sell LSD are people were into the culture and not so much people who are out to make a quick dollar. The bad news about this is that people selling are not likely to sell it to someone who they think can't handle it or to someone they don't know too well.

Cocaine is available in certain circles around Melbourne although it is very expensive and of average quality. Expect to pay up from $300 a gram for cocaine.

Heroin can also be found in certain areas around Melbourne such as Footscray, Box Hill, Dandenong and Frankston.

Melbourne has liberal paraphernalia laws in relation to drugs. Unlike many other Australian States you can still buy bongs, pipes, etc although you cannot buy crack pipes if you do require these there are certain places that will sell you them illegally under the counter although there are very high fines associated with this. If the place tells you they don't sell except this and try somewhere else. The other surefire way of getting them is to order them over the Internet.

There are many shops such as happy high herbs on Smith Street in Collingwood and Off Ya Tree on Swanston Street in Melbourne city as well is many tobacco shops that sell drug related items.



Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria, Australia and is located on the south-east coast. Current population estimates are around 3.7 million people, spread over 8,800 sq km of city and suburbs.


Melbourne has a temperate climate of mild temperatures with four distinct seasons.

Summer (December to February): warm to hot.

Average maximum temperature 25°C (77°F)

Average minimum temperature 14°C (57°F)

Autumn (March to May): mild

Average maximum temperature 20°C (68°F)

Average minimum temperature 11°C (52°F)

Winter (June to August): cool to brisk

Average maximum temperature 14°C (57°F)

Average minimum temperature 7°C (45°F)

Spring (September to november): cool to mild

Average maximum temperature 20°C (68°F)

Average minimum temperature 10°C (50°F)

Average rainfall; 638.8 millimetres.

Victoria is currently in the grip of its longest drought on record, although Melbourne is known for its rapid 'four seasons in one day' weather, and it experienced rain and hail on December 25, 2006. This drought has been attributed to the El niño phenomenon, which some meteorologists believe to have ended in early 2007.

Time Zone

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) is GMT plus 10 hours.

Daylight Savings - begins on the last Sunday in October and finishes on the first Sunday in March.

Daylight hours

Winter - 9 hours, 32 minutes (June 21)

Summer - 14 hours, 47 minutes (December 22)

Underground Papers[edit]


Music-wise, check out Missing Link Records on Bourke St in the CBD.

Check out Sticky in Degrave Street underpass next to Flinders Street station for 'zeens


Any other freebies

Crown casino in Southbank has a free bag check/ clock room at the entrances to the gaming rooms. They may ask to look in you bag (to see its not a bomb). You can leave stuff here for up to 12 hours.

The National Gallery of Victoria N.G.V. on St. Kilda Road (the city) has a free clock room at the entrance.

Australian on Collins (Collins Street, the city) has free wireless internet.

Most libraries in Melbourne have free internet and computer access. You may have to become a member, which is free but you will need ID.

Public Transit[edit]

If you have ever been to Melbourne, you will know how easy it is to hop trains. Here are some tips to do it well.

1. Buy a ticket and don't validate it. If an inspector is actually on the train (not bloody likely), tell them you forgot to validate it. As long as you don't get caught (and pre-buy the ticket) this can be used multiple times. 2. If you see an inspector, just get off - no sense in getting a fine when you can just catch the next train to Frankston. 3. There are a few more inspectors in the CBD and the Outskirts than the rest of Victoria. 4. That being said, going to Frankston is the easiest place to train hop to. 5. Pretend you are asleep when an inspector comes and tell them you missed your stop if you crossed zones. 6. Make sure you conceal anything (ie. a wallet) which would identify you. Have a down pat name, date of birth, address and story all worked out in case you do get caught. Because the transport officers are allowed to arrest you if you refuse to give details, pretend to go along with them, give your details, and comply. As long as you can get your story flawless and natural, you'll never get a fine sent to you. Trams in Melbourne are also easy to use - just keep an eye out for any inspectors hopping on. If you do, calmly leave as they get on (if you look like you're trying to walk fast or run they're more likely to grab you). Buses are basically impossible to cheat, unless you can carefully change the date on the back of your ticket and make it look like the machine is in the wrong.

A new system called myki is in now and coursing all types of troubles... try to exploit them.

A few notes on what other people have said here.

Be careful of metcops (ticket checkers) they do have a tendency of being violent and may beat you up if you try to be a smart ass (yes, I know this is illegal but it does not stop them).

Being crazy is a valid excuses for not having a ticket. So is being homeless and being able to prove it.

I know many people who just clock up the fines and don't pay them. The public transport is a private company and not paying your train fines is like not paying late fees at a video store. You may get a bad credit rating but despite what they try and make out you want end up in jail or big trouble.

Free Clothing and Furniture[edit]

See Free Clothing and Furniture section, provide details for this city.

People regularly abandon furniture on the side of the road, often with little to nothing wring with it. Take it.

Hard rubbish is a gold mine! This is where the council picks up rubbish that is too big for normal bins (usually one a year). A lot of local councils are stopping it but many areas still have it. I have practically furnished many houses with stuff from hard rubbish. You can pick up everything from furniture to art to cloths. If you can fix things or are a bit creative if helps a lot but you will also many things that are still in great condition. Call the local council and ask 'if they have hard rubbish and if so when?'

Note: it is technically illegal to take hard rubbish (because the councils makes $$$ from selling the scrap metal, etc) but if you knock on the door of the house and ask if you can take what they are toughing out it is perfectly legal and I have never had anyone say no when I have done this.

The dumpsters/skips out the back of Savers (a corporate op shop) have more cloths and furniture than one can carry. Some of the stuff that I have got from here is obvious that they have not even looked at since it was donated. The savers in Footscray now has a fence around it that you need to jump to get to the bins. ***Please keep dumpsters clean and leave little trace of being there so that it is not ruined for everyone else****

Check out Melbourne Free Cycle (do a internet search). You need to sign up (free) but you will get 100's of e-mails a day from people around Melbourne offering you stuff for free that they no longer need.

Assorted Freebies[edit]

See Assorted Freebies Section, provide details for this city, including other topics. Whatever fits and is useful.

There seems to be a McDonald's on every block nowadays. All of them also seem to have the McCafe section to them too, which is full of sugar/equal packets, napkins, and the usual BS. if you want to be sly about it, order a medium fries. that way, they'll give you a bag. Then hit the McCafe, and put as many fistfuls of whatever you're after in the bag. Try not to wipe them out though, as it looks a little too suss, and while they cant really do anything, they might try to pull you up on it. Result: Never pay for sugar or paper towels ever again.

Alcohol is expensive in Australia mostly because of the high rate it is taxed. So if you don't like the government (like me) why give them your money? Home brew is cheap, easy and in a lot of cases you get a better product (that gives you less of a hang over) than if you bought it. There are many home brew shop around Melbourne and you can also get beer kits for supermarkets, shops like Kmart or Big W and eBay. Do a search on the internet and you will find countless instructions and recopies.