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Dumpster diving[edit]

Minneapolist minnesota is full of free shit. TONS of free shit. Jimmy John's sandwich shops give away their bread to bums like us almost every single night. So does subway, milios, hell all the sandwich places. Brueggers bagels throws out bagels. You don't even have to get in a dumpster half the time. The Food not bombs here is excellent. There are a couple servings a week. [1]. Also check out FoodBoner for events with free food.


  • Shoplift with extreme caution at the Cub Foods on Lake Street, they have undercover guys there, most notably a methed out man that wears preppy stuff and hangs out around the front counter where the cigarettes are stored. Some of the best places to shoplift are in the west suburbs, as there are little to no cameras and nobody would think that the average suburbanite would shoplift.Shoplifting is more than easy in the good ol' TC area, provided you don't look like you came to shoplift.

Free Stuff[edit]

  • The Dunn Brothers on Lake street has a shelf with free books on it all the time. The Lunds in that area also has free food daily, just go and get as many samples as you can get.
  • Arise! book collective, Extreme Noise, and Mayday books are three excellent collectively run stores, that don't really have much but god damn they give out posters and stickers and patches for free. The Hard Times Cafe on Riverside Ave will let you hang out all day and even hook up some grub if you aren't a dick. Seward Cafe on Franklin Ave gives free food every single day. Land of 10,000 Co-Ops as well, so if you can't find that free shit you wanted to eat, you could probably walk in and ask one of the many volunteers if they got anything they wanna give you. The University of MN has such a lax cafeteria that you can literally just walk in and eat. Not joking, I've been doing this for years.
  • The Metro area(i.e. BURBS) has a lot of up-scale liquor stores that on Friday and Saturday night offer wine tasting, so rest assured that Sunday morning dumpsters are full of wine bottles, some half full, some unopened!!! Here in Minneapolis you can trade AA coins for drinks at certain bars, but be careful, as this is an extremely insensitive thing to do.
  • Thousands of churches (just like every other US city) will give food out at least once a month. It boils down to simply asking around. there is never a reason to pay for food while you are in Minneapolis.
  • If you're bored and have a bike the Minneapolis, Critical Mass starts at 5:30PM at Loring Park by the fountain on the last Friday of the month.
  • Also, the cops here are not that bad. If you are here to squat or simply hang out on the street becase you are just passing through they usually leave you be. Dumpsters are always full and people here are just Minnesota nice.