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Free New Haven[edit]

Good Eatin'[edit]

New Haven Soup Kitchens

  1. Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, 311 Temple St / 103 Whitney Ave
  • Daily free hot evening meals served five to seven days a week, at varying venues in downtown New Haven.
  • Bag Lunches for the working poor & school age kids distributed nightly at the evening meals.
  • Food Pantry open Wednesdays 2PM-4PM at which bags of food are distributed to individuals and families. Families with children receive extra bags dependent on need and supply.
  • Emergency Food Bank, from which food is distributed to individuals families & children in crisis as needed.
  1. Community Soup Kitchen, 84 Broadway
  • Periodic Mobil health van
  • More info to be added

Random Eatin'

  • It should be said that many bakeries (none shall be directly listed here, see a phone book), both privately owned and corporate, either donate or throw out expired goods (pastries, bagels, bread, etc.) at the end of any given night or closing time. If they are donated, they can often be found by the back door in a large garbage bag. If they make it a practice to discard surplus goods, you know where to find it.

Good Squattin' (housing)[edit]

Good Livin' (entertainment)[edit]


  • Arts and ideas (June)
  • New Haven Jazz Festival

Current Calendar, Concerts on the green:

July 22nd - Boys II Men

July 29th - The Temptations

August 5th - Dave Brubeck (Tito Puente Jr. opens)

August 12th - Kool & the Gang

August 19th - Jonny Lang (T.S. Monk on Coltrane opens)

Jazz in the Parks Current Schedule:

July 20, 2006, (Lighthouse Point Park) Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez

July 27, 2006, (Trowbridge Square) Dennis Williams

August 3, 2006, (Edgewood Park)Freddy Harris III and Jambalassi featuring Kris Jensen

August 10, 2006, (Quinnipiac River Park) INITY

August 17, 2006, (Goffe Street Park) Nu-Cullers Band

Drink Up![edit]

  • Although you have to get past the cover charge, BAR (254 Crown St) has an open bar (that's free drinks, playas) in the back dance room from 10pm to 11pm on Saturdays.
  • For free admission to Alchemy (223 College Street) on Thursdays (LADIES ONLY), send an email request to Ladies, if you are one of the first 100 to show up on a Thursday night, you can reap the benefits of free top-shelf drinks from 9pm to 11pm. Gentlemen, shave and find yourselves a nice dress.
  • 'Tropical Tuesdays' at Van Dome (102 Hamilton Street). Open bar and free BBQ from 8pm to 10pm on Tuesdays. Not sure about a cover AND has been listed as 'admittance is restricted for the mature working professional', whatever that means. Give it a shot.
  • Sci-Fi Cafe (201 Crown Street) has an open bar from 8:30pm to 10:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays, no doubt with some cover.

Getting Around Covers

There's a LOT of ways to do this. You need to be creative. The real thing you need is a wristband.

  • Gank it off someone coming out of the bar. Go for crowds - there's always at least SOMEone in the group who'll want to hook you up. Avoid approaching women if you are a male - bad vibes. Go for the more 'hippy' looking guy in the crowd. He's more liable to help you out without much griping. Watch out for dressed-up, muscled-up, spikey-haired guys - they would much rather make fun of you to make themselves look cool in front of their friends. If you NEED to approach someone like this, wait until later in the night when they are feeling pretty good...Make it a quick request and either ask them to stretch it off their wrists or you can connect the snapped bracelet with tape, a single bent staple, or any other such thing. Look tipsy and raise your wrist to the doorman on your way in.

Good Goods[edit]

1. Freecycle - Online database for trading and receiving absolutely FREE miscellaneous goods.


a. Go to the Public Library. 133 Elm Street. b. Sit on down at one of their computers and go to Yahoo and sign up (free of charge) for a Yahoo! e-mail account. c. Go to this page d. Click 'Join This Group!' e. Fill out needed information. f. Search the database for goods. All items posted are free of charge. Simply contact the owner.