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Wake County is in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, towards the middle of the state.

General Guide[edit]

Northern Raleigh is higher income. Southeast Raleigh is lower income. Both are bad for handouts. Downtown is better, particularly around Peace Street.


  • Papokha: skillshare and free skool (forming) []
  • Acre - Housing Collective (not free) and activist group []
  • Internationalist Books - anarchist collective bookstore/community center [1]
  • el Kilombo - "a collective formed to open a community space and radical bookstore focused on the concerns of people of color, students, and working class communities" [2] (Durham)
  • Carrboro Community Garden Coalition - "a non-profit organization whose goal is to access land and other resources necessary for community members to grow food in environmentally sustainable ways as a means of creating a just world where locally grown, high quality, and safe food is available to all" [3] (Carrboro)
  • Carrboro Greenspace - "Carrboro Greenspace seeks to be a public space where all people can enjoy and engage with their local environment(s) and work to developing truly sustainable ways of living" [4]] (Carrboro)
  • UNC-CH SDS - "Students for a Democratic Society is a national organization which seeks to unite youth and students fighting for social, economic and political justice. Our chapter at UNC-Chapel Hill serves to educate students and to support progressive movements and campaigns including but not limited to, the Iraq War, immigrant's rights, and labor solidarity" [5] (Chapel Hill)


Free housing, shelters and hostels, etc.

For short stays, there are 400+ people from the area registered on [6].


Certain places around Morrisville, Fuquay-Varina or Holly Springs will get rid of their food that they cook during the day after store hours are closed. One of these places is Gorgeinos Italian Resturant in Morrisville, NC. The owners get rid of older pizza for free or a very discounted price.

Medical Care[edit]

Planned parenthood, free clinics, free medical advice, Medicare resources, low-cost clinics, etc.

Legal Aid[edit]

ACLU, free legal aid/counseling, pro bono attorneys, etc.

Armed Forces/Deployment Avoidance Counseling[edit]

Wake's extreme proximity to three or so bases (lejeune, Bragg, And Seymour Johnson) makes any deployment-dodging hard. don't enlist here, if you don't want to go. If a draft were to happen, The area would be good though, as moods to the war here are extremely low.


The first Friday night of every month, Raleigh's downtown art galleries stay open. There is often music and performances on the streets.

Also see the general Free Play section.

Music scene/hip scene[edit]

There are a few music stores located in the area which allow visitors to socialize and jam. One such place is Walt's Guitars and Pro Audio at 800 South Main Street in Fuquay Varina. Their mellow staff loves to chat and jam with visitors, and there are often talented musicians who might give free demos of their music.


Marijuana prices are on par with national averages [7]. Salvia is available at headshops, smoker friendly's, and occasionally at the Fuquay Varina Flea Market (Sundays at 2pm). Other drugs might be easier to find in the mountain and beach areas of North Carolina.


Summer is 90-105F, and Winter is 35-55F. From day to day, weather can be very bipolar; temperatures have gone from 65F high one one fall day to 85F the next and then back down to 60F. Rain comes in both sporadic and buckets.

The economy around Raleigh is great if you have a college degree, and terrible if you don't.

Underground Papers[edit]

Independent Weekly: [8] (not "underground")

Public Transit[edit]

Wake County is designed for cars, with parking usually readily available even in downtown areas. Bus routes, the only public transportation in the cities, are designed to serve poorer districts and, though they reach out into the suburban areas, aren't particularly convenient or thorough. Public transportation in the areas around Wake County is worse. Buses and trains also connect Wake County to other major cities in the state. The CAT buses are $1 a trip with no transfers (which are usually going to be required unless you are going into/out of downtown), although $25 of stored value can be had for $20, and an unlimited day pass is $2. They have bicycle racks on the front, and if those are full 90% of drivers will let you carry your ride onboard.

Free Clothing and Furniture[edit]

Funiture can sometimes be found left on the curb as trash. In particularly, look out for days designated for bulk pick-up. Also see the message boards links below.

For cheap funiture and clothes, try Goodwill thrift stores. Garage/yard sales are also common in the area in warm seasons. CJ Woodmaster is another place to get extremely cheap furniture made of unfinished wood.

Assorted/Miscellanious Freebies[edit]

Craigslist free section: [9]

Freecycle: [10], [11]

Also see the general Assorted Freebies section.


Go to the Survive section and provide any city-specific details, including new topics.