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Roseville is a rather snotty, upper-class neighborhood in general. Maplewood and White Bear are slightly better in areas, but all-in-all there is a pervasive sense of hostility that hovers over the area. Although, on the other hand, it has some superb shoplifting opportunities.


I am not aware of any shelters in the area, although if one looks hard enough, there are sure to be some abandoned buildings. (Mostly around the southern edges of Maplewood and White Bear)

Also, there is a "lurking" city ordinance in Roseville, which declares it to be illegal to wander the streets aimlessly at night. And yes, believe it or not, the wonderful men and women in uniform will be only too happy to arrest you if they happen to find you out strolling around past sunset. If night is approaching and you haven't yet found a suitable place to sleep, either hide out behind some building somewhere or GET THE HELL OUT OF ROSEVILLE!


Food is the one area where Roseville beats Maplewood. Cub Foods on Hamline is risky sometimes, but if you're careful, it's not to hard to walk out with a package of hot dogs and some soda. The plus there is that you really only need to watch out for the cameras; the employees are overworked and underpaid, and more often than not (as long as they are given plausible deniability) they will look the other way out of sheer spite for their employer. Cub Foods on Rice Street, in Maplewood, is comparable. The cameras are much nicer there but the employees will actively try to catch theives in the act. But the big kicker is that, after several of the locals took full advantage of the gaps in their security cameras for many years, they now have an on-duty policeman who is always there, every day of the week, after nightfall.

But Rainbow Foods, on Larpenteur Avenue where the two cities merge, is by far the best place for food. They only have a handful of cameras which can only point at the registers and the drug aisle, they have no beeper mechanisms whatsoever at any door, and they have no security personell aside from the run-of-the-mill employees. However, if you are planning on eating at Rainbow regularly, you should take great care that none of those employees should ever suspect anything. If they begin to sense what's really going on, they'll get a photograph of you from when you walked in the front doors, which goes into a suspicious-persons book in their break room that every other employee flips through daily.

Other than those, there are several Dollar Tree's and assorted Dollar Store knock-off's which can be found practically anywhere, and I have yet to have found one such store with even remotely adequate security.

Also, the MGM liquor store on Larpenteur Avenue (across the street from Rainbow Foods) barely has any security measures at all. . . Their beepers are just for show, because not a single bottle in the entire store has a security device attached, and the only other deterrent are a pair of completely ridiculous mirrors which give the employee at the register a view into two of the store's seven or eight aisles.

Medical Care[edit]

The Department of Human Services is located in downtown Saint Paul. It will provide free healthcare to any Minnesotan resident who needs it... Although they tend to be much less accommodating for out-of-state drifters.

Legal Aid[edit]

Don't get caught. All of the Saint Paul Police Departments, but especially those in Roseville and Maplewood, are riddled with corruption, bribery, and the overwhelming sentiment among EVERY SINGLE police officer, judge and lawyer, that the citizens are all guilty of something or another and that it is their duty to figure out what they can be charged with; to pay for whatever they have done that they were not caught for.

Whatever you do, avoid them like the plague. They will not help you, they are not there to ensure your safety; their only purpose in life is to put everyone they possibly can into jail.


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