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Please provide a general outline of the city and its neighborhoods/boroughs/parts of town, including information about political leanings, police forces, population, income levels, social services, etc.


Free housing, shelters and hostels, etc.


Free/low-cost markets, produce, butchers, day-old bakeries, Food banks, missions, church meals, etc.

Medical Care[edit]

Planned parenthood, free clinics, free medical advice, Medicare resources, low-cost clinics, etc.

Legal Aid[edit]

ACLU, free legal aid/counseling, pro bono attorneys, etc.

Armed Forces/Deployment Avoidance Counseling[edit]

Legal aid, resources, etc.


See Free Play section, include details for this city.

Beaches, Swimming Pools, Parks, Sports, Museums, Music, Theatre, TV shows, Movies, etc. The AGO is pretty simple to sneak into, not much serious security. You can always resort to the good old asking people leaving for their old tickets method. The ROM is harder to get into. The old rotunda entrance might be easier to get in through, the museum seems to have a policy of hiring complete assholes for rent-a-pigs. You can sneak into the "Canadian Native Spiritual are" or whatever pretentious name they've given it, and get into the museum proper more easily through there. You can usually get into the special exhibits without being checked for tickets, especially through the giftshops. The Distillery District though mostly overpriced hipster bait and junk that appeals to middle-aged middle class people, The site is beautiful. There are some nice independent shops through out.

All Toronto outdoor swimming pools are free in the summertime, but they all require a real swimsuit (cut-offs don't work). The various beaches are also clean and free. (Note that the beaches on the Toronto islands are free but the ferry ride over costs $6.50. However, if you don't have a swimsuit and don't mind swimming in the nude, the Hanlan's Point Beach (take the Hanlan's Point ferry) is an official Clothing Optional beach and $6.50 might be cheaper than the price of a swimsuit/swimming trunks.)


General weather, traffic, news resources, etc.

Underground Papers[edit]



Any other freebies

Public Transit[edit]

Subways, Buses, Ferries, Shuttles, etc.

Free Clothing and Furniture[edit]

See Free Clothing and Furniture section, provide details for this city.

Assorted Freebies[edit]

See Assorted Freebies Section, provide details for this city, including other topics. Whatever fits and is useful.


Go to the Survive section and provide any city-specific details, including new topics.