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Please provide a general outline of the city and its neighborhoods/boroughs/parts of town, including information about political leanings, police forces, population, income levels, social services, etc.


Free housing, shelters and hostels, etc.


Free/low-cost markets, produce, butchers, day-old bakeries, etc.

Food banks, missions, church meals, etc.

Medical Care[edit]

Planned parenthood, free clinics, free medical advice, Medicare resources, low-cost clinics, etc.

Legal Aid[edit]

ACLU, free legal aid/counseling, pro bono attorneys, etc.

Armed Forces/Deployment Avoidance Counseling[edit]

Legal aid, resources, etc.


See Free Play section, include details for this city.

Beaches, Swimming Pools, Parks, Sports, Museums, Music, Theatre, TV shows, Movies, etc.


General weather, traffic, news resources, etc.

Underground Papers[edit]



Any other freebies

Public Transit[edit]

If you have ever been to Victoria, you will know how easy it is to hop trains. Here are some tips to do it well.

  1. Buy a ticket and don't validate it. If an inspector is actually on the train (not bloody likely), tell them you forgot to validate it. As long as you don't get caught (and pre-buy the ticket) this can be used multiple times.
  2. If you see an inspector, just get off - no sense in getting a fine when you can just catch the next train to Frankston.
  3. There are a few more inspectors in the CBD and the Outskirts than the rest of Victoria.
  4. That being said, going to Frankston is the easiest place to train hop to.
  5. Pretend you are asleep when an inspector comes and tell them you missed your stop if you crossed zones.
  6. Make sure you conceal anything (ie. a wallet) which would identify you. Have a down pat name, date of birth, address and story all worked out in case you do get caught. Because the transport officers are allowed to arrest you if you refuse to give details, pretend to go along with them, give your details, and comply. As long as you can get your story flawless and natural, you'll never get a fine sent to you.

Trams in Melbourne are also easy to use - just keep an eye out for any inspectors hopping on. If you do, calmly leave as they get on (if you look like you're trying to walk fast or run they're more likely to grab you). Buses are basically impossible to cheat, unless you can carefully change the date on the back of your ticket and make it look like the machine is in the wrong.

A new system called myki is supposed to be introduced in late 2007 (similar to the Oyster card in London) and this may change the rules for free transport.

Free Clothing and Furniture[edit]

See Free Clothing and Furniture section, provide details for this city.

Assorted Freebies[edit]

See Assorted Freebies Section, provide details for this city, including other topics. Whatever fits and is useful.


Go to the Survive section and provide any city-specific details, including new topics.