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Note: We have temporarily disabled editing for users due to spam. Contact us on irc or the forums for an enabled account.

In order to ensure quality and provide the most useful source of anti-authoritarian information possible, there are some general guidelines which every editor should follow. These are here to ensure that the information we are providing is actually accurate and reliable. The nature of this wiki is obviously that of subversion, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to ensure our information is accurate, up to date and well written. If the information presented on this wiki is incorrect or poorly written, readers will find it less useful, less compelling, and we won't be able to serve the purposes we want to serve.

Steal This Wiki Scope[edit]

Anyone can create new pages, but that doesn't necessarily mean any page should be created. The scope of STW is to provide a (nonpartisan) platform for anti-authoritarian information on a number of topics. While some information on the wiki may not be directly related to fighting authoritarian organizations, most of it does tie into a specific organizational structure which makes sense. If you're considering making a new page, and you're not sure whether it will fit in, please feel free to discuss it using the contact information or on talk pages. You should also consider looking at the Table of Contents to get a feel for how everything is organized, and where the page you want to make would fit into that structure.

This wiki is generally not aiming to be the repository of all knowledge, but if you want to write a page that doesn't fit within the anti-authoritarian scope that you still think makes sense, go for it. To ensure it won't be taken down, however, you should discuss it first with the community and decide whether it will serve as a positive addition to the scope and add useful information which users will find helpful. We want to avoid cluttering the wiki with unmaintained, unrelated information. Some topics may not be directly anti-authoritarian but still provide useful information that our readers will find relevant and useful that isn't easily accessible in this context from anywhere else. We welcome such additions.


Most pages, at the moment, do not include citations. Some information is original research, and some of it is general enough so as to not warrant citations. That being said, specific information pertaining to drugs, medicine, legal advice, weapons, chemistry, and more should be cited. In order to cite critical information of this nature, please ensure the sources are reliable.

Research should generally be cited using "literature reviews", systematic reviews, and meta-studies from reputable medical journals, unbiased government organizations, and perhaps from professional books, where possible. Try to avoid citing one specific study unless research is sparse or that specific study is well-regarded in the literature and other studies corroborate it.

Writing Guidelines[edit]

  • Clarity. It is generally a good idea to be clear and direct. Try to avoid ambiguous language, and try to say what you have to say in an efficient non-verbose manor.
  • Non-Partisan. We're also trying to steer away from the partisan language previously used and make this an anti-authoritarian wiki, not purely based on any one ideology. The idea here is to avoid partisan conflicts and targeting in order to focus on fighting authoritarianism, not fighting each other. Folks on both sides of the proverbial political fence may not agree on policy, but may still be able to agree that fighting authoritarian principles is good.

Quality Control[edit]

  • To call attention to pages that are desperately in need of editing, place the pages in the ImproveQuality category by appending [[Category:ImproveQuality]] to the end of an article.
  • If an article is of particularly poor quality, editors might consider placing it into the CompleteDisaster category by appending [[Category:CompleteDisaster]] to the end of the article. Articles in this category should be in need of a complete or near complete rewrite.
  • To call attention to information that lacks citation (and should have it), you can place {{Citation Needed}} following the uncited information.
  • To call attention to a page that is just an outline or only includes a few paragraphs, place it in the "Stubs" category by appending [[Category:Stub]] to the end of the article. Articles in this category should be basically empty, consisting of few lines or just an outline.
  • As the wiki is revised and improved, administrators and involved editors may create other templates to keep articles' quality from slipping - as they are created, notes should be kept here or in relevant locations as to their purpose and usage.
  • Use the talk pages!
  • To find articles that need editing, check ImproveQuality, CompleteDisaster, Citation Needed, or Stub.
  • Avoid using "I", "we", "us", and similar when writing. If drawing from personal experience or firsthand research, indicate this but avoid phrases such as "I found", "we recommend", and so on.


Questions about the project should be addressed on our forum. For IRC information, check here.