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Help us out!!! If you have recently been in, live in, or have knowledge about a city you feel a brother or sister may be interested in.. by all means edit away! Many may be stuck in small, piss-ant towns and want to know if the grass is greener in a far-away destination that they can not get from wikipedia or tourist ad. While we try to keep each city up to date, you will notice many cities have sparse info, some non-existent content, some way out of date, and some that are incredibly useful. Let's make more examples of the latter.

To add your city to the list, simply add the city's name, enclosed by double brackets. If you "edit" this page, you'll see how the rest of the list is formatted. Once you add the city to the list, click on it and use the Free This City Template to start populating each page. When adding new cities here, please also add them the main table of contents.

If you are a reader wanting to get the hell out of where you are or just a change of scenery, check out Urban Living, Rural Living,Squatting, and The Street which are really good general articles with lots of advice.

There are also some very good city forums where folks share good information here: [[1]]