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Molotov cocktails are a bread-and-butter of any violent protest or street battle. They're easy to make, relatively safe to the thrower (as long as they don't drop it), will give people nasty burns, and can set up a quick fire screen if you need to escape.

If you have good resources and are building up a stockpile, consider making self-igniting molotov cocktails. These will not ignite until broken, and there are no open flames around the thrower. You need to use sulfuric acid and potassium chlorate, both of which are cheap, easy to obtain, safe to handle, and quite reliable. All you need do is put a half-inch or so of concentrated sulfuric acid in the bottle with the gasoline/oil mixture. Prepare a saturated solution of potassium chlorate, soak a sheet of paper in it, and allow the paper to dry. Store the paper and the bottles separately. When you are ready, secure the paper around the outside of the bottle with glue, tape, or a rubber band. To use the Molotov Cocktail, shake vigorously to disperse the sulfuric acid as droplets, and then throw. When the bottle hits and breaks, at least a droplet of acid will come into contact with the paper, which immediately bursts into flames.

For a large cocktail use a one gallon jar, and put a long cotton cloth in it, make sure it extends around 4-5 inches out it.(The kind your mom or dad use to store beans or beats) and fill it with styrofoam peanuts, gasoline, and some sort of fuel thickener. Then, cut a hole in the top of the lid, take your cotton cloth and put in through the hole, make sure the 4-5 inches was not splashed with oil or gasoline.

Only throw this if you have a good arm or you are confident you are only hurting the gov, as there is a lot of power in a gallon of gasoline, and you could easily hurt yourself or innocent bystanders. An alternative option to throwing, is using the M-16s described in Excessively Dangerous Weapons.

Mere possession of molotov cocktails is almost universally charged as possession of a destructive device just like a bomb or missile launcher and is a federal offense. Also, using one in the US will, in all likelihood, result in you being shot by the trigger happy Amerikan police.



Molotov cocktails are a classic street fighting weapon served up around the world. If you've never made one, you should try it the next time you are in some out-of-the-way barren place just to wipe the fear out of your mind and know that it works. Fill a thin-walled bottle half full with gasoline. Break up a section of styrofoam (cups made of this substance work fine) and let it sit in the gasoline for a few days. The mixture should be slushy and almost fill the bottle. The styrofoam spreads the flames around and regulates the burning. The mixture has nearly the same properties as napalm. Soap flakes (not detergents) can be substituted for styrofoam. Rubber cement and sterno also work. In a pinch, plain gasoline will do nicely, but it burns very fast. A gasoline-kerosene mixture is preferred by some folks.

Throwing, although by far not the safest method, is sometimes necessary. The classic technique of stuffing a rag in the neck of a bottle, lighting and tossing is foolish. Often gas fumes escape from the bottle and the mixture ignites too soon, endangering the thrower. If you're into throwing, the following is a much safer method: Once the mixture is prepared and inside the bottle, cap it tightly using the original cap or a suitable cork. Then wash the bottle off with rubbing alcohol and wipe it clean. Just before you leave to strike a target, take a strip of rag or a tampax and dip it in gasoline. Wrap this fuse in a small plastic baggie and attach the whole thing to the neck of the capped bottle with the aid of several rubber bands. When you are ready to toss, use a lighter to ignite the baggie. Pall back your arm and fling it as soon as the tampax catches fire. This is a very safe method if followed to the letter. The bottle must break to ignite. Be sure to throw it with some force against a hard surface.

Naturally, an even safer method is to place the firebomb in a stationary position and rig up a timing fuse. Cap tightly and wipe with alcohol as before. The alcohol wipe not only is a safety factor, but it eliminates tell-tale fingerprints in case the Molotov doesn't ignite. Next, attach an ashcan fire cracker (M-80) or a cherry bomb to the side of the bottle using epoxy glue. A fancier way is to punch a hole in the cap and pull the fuse of the cherry bomb up through the hole before you seal the bottle. A dab of epoxy will hold the fuse in place and insure the seal. A firecracker fuse ignites quickly so something will have to be rigged that will deal the action enough to make a clean getaway.

When the firebomb is placed where you want it, light up a non-filter cancerette. Take a few puffs (being sure not to inhale the vile fumes) to get it going and work the unlighted end over the fuse of the firecracker. This will provide a delay of from 5 to 15 minutes. To use this type of fuse successfully, there must be enough air in the vicinity so the flame won't go out. A strong wind would not be good either. When the cancerette burns down, it sets off the firecracker which in turn explodes and ignites the mixture. The flames shoot out in the direction opposite to where you attach the firecracker, thus allowing you to aim the firebomb at the most flammable material. With the firecracker in the cap, the flames spread downward in a halo. The cancerette fuse can also be used with a book of matches to ignite a pool of gasoline or a trash can. Stick the unlighted end behind the row of match heads and close the cover. A firecracker attached to a gallon jug of red paint and set off can turn an office into total abstract art.

Commercial fuses are available in many hobby stores. Dynamite fuses are excellent and sold in most rural hardware stores. A good way to make a homemade fuse is described above under the Smoke Bomb section. By adding an extra few feet of fuse to the device and then attaching the lit cancerette fuse, you add an extra measure of caution. It is most important to test every type of fuse device you plan to use a number of times before the actual hit. Some experimentation will allow you to standardize the results. If you really want to get the job done right and have the time, place several molotov cocktails in a group and rig two with fuses (in case one goes out). When one goes, they all go... BAROOOOOOOOOOM!

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