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Night ops is the art of infiltrating, exploring and exfiltrating an area without detection. According to, night-ops is defined as "The art of seeing the hidden places of this world, fuelled by curiosity and a spirit of adventure." Targets of exploration range from abandoned buildings to more high-risk areas such as military bases. The activity is very much like urban exploration, however night ops have a much greater focus on stealth and typically target places that may not be abandoned.

As the name implies, since stealth and subtlety are key aspects of night ops, most 'operations' are performed under the cover of night. An operative (or 'opper' for short) typically dons dark clothing to better hide in the dark, however camouflage patterns may also be employed to blend in with the environment. As part of an operative's uniform, a mask is almost mandatory both for enhanced camouflage and to protect the operative's identity if they are spotted trespassing. Gloves and long-sleeve garments are usually preferred for the same reasons. Depending on the target, an operative may carry B&E (breaking & entering) tools to gain access to certain areas; lockpicks, bump keys and the like. Although the goal of night ops is to leave no trace of an intrusion, sometimes more destructive methods of entry may be employed, such as the use of crowbars or bolt cutters. In addition to B&E tools, an operative usually carries a flashlight to navigate in darkened areas and a knife, primarily to be used as a tool but also a self-defence implement in an emergency. Due to the risky nature of night ops, an operative may carry some form of deterrent to deal with confrontations such as pepper spray. However, when confronted by an adversary (such as a security guard) an operative's best tactics are to run and hide, leaving fighting as a last resort.

Night ops is a victimless activity, although employs the skills one might typically associate with a thief or vandal. Any operation that involves theft or sabotage are known as 'black ops' and lie outside the realm of night ops.

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