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Our Policy is that you have the right to do what you want to do in the privacy of your own home, that you have the right to a free exchange of ideas, and the right to disagree with the assholes in charge without having them send their thugs in for arrest or physical abuse.

That said, many of the elite in society do not agree with us. Do realize that your IP is logged for each entry you make into the wiki. We encourage contributors to never talk in the first person, never talk about personally committing, assisting, witnessing, or even knowing secret details of any illegal activity, and never make threats of violence explicitly against an organization, person, or entity. Once you put something like that on the internet, it is there forever to be used against yourself and possibly others!

We will do our best within our very limited powers to make the work difficult for anyone trying to get personal information beyond what you want shared but our tools are weak against a determined opponent. With the right court orders or electronic intrusion skills almost any information that was somehow stored perhaps even data that was deleted might fall into the hands of someone you don't want.

Your best defense is to always follow the precepts of Security Culture in all aspects of your life, if you respect your own privacy never entrust us or any other online community with unnecessary sensitive private data or communications.

DnE's Privacy Policy[edit]

Your passwords are hashed (except in the blog) and we don't release your emails to third parties but the site staff can see them. It's against the rules for the users to give out more personal information such as full names, addresses, etcetera; it's certainly not required. This site is not part of a company or business, or anything of a commercial nature, so financial information is completely useless, therefore not shared with third parties, obviously.

People under 60 aren't allowed because their brains aren't developed enough to be able to withstand the evil, lurking terrors of the world. The young must remain innocent and ignorant; they don't deserve the first amendment. Otherwise, they'll all turn into rapists and murderers. They'll become perverted and violent, and they won't be good citizens, and we don't want that, and since this website contains words, it must be censored from those who can't understand it because I said so.