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Maybe we should consider the ideal outcome of a "up to date" steal this wiki? Like, we can probably all agree the wiki will never be formally "finished" as techniques and information will always need expanded and updated and revised, but we should consider striving to create a "version" of the wiki which would be suitable for release in a printable format, or PDF form? We could even do versions.

Like, once everything is suitably rewritten (which will of course take a long time given the state of things) we could create download links for distribution or printing. That gives us a sort of ideal goal to work towards and allows for "versioning". If we adopt this model, it allows for goal-oriented editing. That is to say, we can lay out goals and a plan for what we want to get done for each "version". Not that we would need to formally introduce guidelines like that, but just as a general mode of editing, we could outline what we want to get done more effectively.

Also, should we write this as if we're speaking directly to someone? A lot of pages tend to use "you" instead of more general terminology... I haven't given a whole lot of thought as to how we should word things I guess, but generally when writing reference works most writers avoid writing directly to the reader... I think.

--Absent (talk) 04:05, 9 March 2015 (EDT)

Any chance new articles could be placed in Provisional as a rule until such time as they are STW-ified or even approved? Project had a bad problem with that in the past. Other than that, the guidelines tend to be okay. Though, I would not be too anal about citations. Much of the work out there as far as citations are not accurate as far as "on the ground" realities. We also run a fine line between becoming Wikipedia-like and losing that off-the-cuff style readers like if we get too anal.

As far as "you" use, I think it is carry over from the style of Steal This Book. I see no problem with it. Only thing we were strict about was use of "I", "We" or "SWIM". Particularly if someone is sharing a real life incident. That way, issues can be avoided. Particularly if the topic describes something illegal. That way, we avoid the rare chance of drama. There are law enforcement that view this stuff and have been in the past contributors "being watched" that could be used as admission to something.

As far as "goals" or whatever and .pdfs, They came out with just Survive sections since those were the strongest and had the most readership. If we combine/cut, most of that is good enough to go with as is. But, let's not kid ourselves. The wiki itself is better for viewing the content other than a .pdf and is better than e-releases unless you want to go the route of epub or kindle stuff.

There is also the question of what exactly belongs in Fight or carry over if we do that. One article in particular in Fight is the Legal Advice article. It almost belongs in Survive. Or even Security Culture.

--Green1 (talk) 13:25, 22 October 2015 (EDT)